Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Find

Oil of Olay Vanilla Indulgence

   I have been using this body wash daily for about a week. It claimed to give 24 hour  moisturize after 4 showers. It has a nice soft vanilla scent that isn't overwhelming. I have noticed a difference in my skin after a week of use. It hasn't given me crazy amounts of moisturizing but it is better. Canadian winters are brutally dry and any Canadian can tell you how brutal it is on our skin. Any product that helps is welcome!

And that is this Friday's find folks!

*I was not compensated in any way for my mention of this product, it is just my personal opinion*

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh Brother!

My Sister-In-Law passed this recap of a texting conversation she had with my Brother when she first learned I have a blog.
 My Sister in law to me: Just texted (my Brothers name was here).

 Their conversation to each other:
- Did you know Marilyn has a blog? (That's my real name. It's not Jaksgirl, I bet you figured that huh?)

- No

- She does it's super cute and clever

- My sister?
Yes dear Brother. I might actually be super cute and clever. Crazy huh?

This actually makes me smile and I thank my Sister in Law for passing it on.
I can totally hear him saying this and can see the little half grin on his face.

He is just a few months short of being 2 years older than me. Yup he is older than me. And quite a bit taller than me. He is slimmer than me. He's more athletic than me (he has also broken way more bones than me, like way more!). He has brown eyes. I have blue eyes. He's a sharper shot than me (this is an understatement, he's a brilliant hunter. I don't hunt. I shoot the breeze, that's about all I shoot!). He lives in a small town and loves it. I live in the city and love it. He loves the outdoors. I would rather be inside. He has 2 two daughters. I have 2 sons.

We are opposite in lots of ways but I couldn't love him more. I am very lucky to have been blessed with such a great older Brother. Growing up with him was never dull, I promise you!

Are you like your siblings or are you like me and Brother and different in many ways? Or are you an only child? I have always wondered what it is like to not have had a sibling to share your childhood with. Is it awesome being an only child or would you have rather to have had a sibling or two? Inquiring minds want to know!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday find

 My husband came home with a half eaten bag of these the other night...

RUFFLES® MAX® Loaded Bacon & Cheddar Potato Skins Flavored Potato Chips

The rest of the bag didn't last last long in our house. They are delicious!
I believe they are new, in our area anyways, I don't eat a lot of chips but these are really good!

*I was not compensated in any way for my mention of this product. It is totally just my personal opinion.*

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things I learned last week

I usually post this list earlier in the week but it's been a busy week! However I did learn some stuff last week so here it goes...

~When the lights for the Christmas tree all work on the first try, I feel like dancing I am so excited. Okay, I totally did dance when it happened.

~4 ladies, 1 kitchen and just a couple of hours can produce lots of yummy Christmas baking and lots of laughs.

~As much as I love a bit of warmer weather, I don’t love the headaches I get with the Chinooks that bring the warmer weather in.

~It really irritates me when people sigh really loud  purposely for attention. I purposely ignore them when they do it. It bugs me so much!

~The long black scuff mark on my linoleum is not going any where. No matter what I have tried, it’s won’t go away! Not even magic eraser worked and it works on anything! I am stumped.

~I only 4 shopping days left until Christmas…uh oh.

~I should not try and wash my windows at the gas station with that squeegee thing they have there. I suck at it. I am better off leaving my windows dirty.

~Regardless of how it feels sometimes, we are not given more than we can handle.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Confident Mom


I am not a perfect mom or wife – I don’t have it all together all the time. I fall down. I fail. I get tired and overwhelmed.
I have also stopped trying to be the "perfect" anything. I just want to be able to give my family, my friends, my work all that I can of myself but save a little for me too!
Too often I try to pack too much into a day and then when it doesn't all get done, I feel bad about it and myself. And of course, I was trying to get way too much done in the time I gave myself. But I always had in the back of mind, "but every other Mom and wife gets it all done? Why can't I? What is wrong with me?". And then I realized...a lot women struggle with this. I am not alone. And it's okay to need help!

These days I am getting better. Along with accepting that I am not perfect, that I am only one person and that I deserve "down" time too...I found something that actually works for me. Similar to the control journal you may have seen or heard off from the FLYlady, I stumbled onto an equally great (if not a bit simpler) tool on a site called The Confident Mom. This site is full of great tools to help with weekly planning, meal planning, recipes, summer survival, back to school survival, and organization planning and management and a lot more. The Confident Mom weekly planner helps me get a handle on my meal planning, weekly grocery shopping, appointments, reminders and daily and weekly chores. It's easy to follow and I like that I  can tweak it to fit me and my family. I three hole punched it and put in a small binder. Easy to keep track off and to store. I have been playing around with it for a few weeks and have found that I am not falling behind on my housework as much and am way less frazzled. I have our whole week at a glance so it is easier to keep on top of it all. I can actually breathe and slow down a bit. And another really great thing that has come out of it? Anyone in my house can use it or look at it and know whats happening this week. I love that!

There is a link on my sidebar as well, if you want to check it out. I believe so much that this site and it's products can really help me and other ladies out there become "The Confident Mom" they really want to be that I decided to become a Confident Mom affiliate. I can only back something I truly believe adds value to my life and the lives of those who may try it. This is definitely a tool to help you get organized and actually help you get some of your time back...can you imagine having free time and being on top of things in your house? It can actually happen. It's happening for me right now.
And now, on with the week...I am ready!
Happy Monday!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday find

This weeks find was lovingly found on Etsy. Like so many others, I love browsing the Etsy website.
I really love this...

Unique Personalized Family Hand Soap Dispenser

Unique Personalized Family Hand Soap Dispenser
I made the picture a big one so you can hopefully read all the words!

Very cute right? I'm pretty sure this will also find its way into my bathroom, someday. I really, really like it. It would make a great gift as well!
You can find it here.

Did you stumble across anything unique this week or just anything you want to share this fine Friday?

*I was not compensated in anyway for mentioning this product, the seller or Etsy, I shared just because I like it*

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A day in the life

Life in our house is rarely boring. There is usually something odd happening. I sometimes sit back at the end of a day and laugh at somethings that go on. We roll with the punches and love to torment each other. That's family.

Hear is a snippet of something that happened last week.

I am in the kitchen, making dinner on the main floor of our home.
KingK and LittleA are upstairs. KingK in our bedroom changing out of his work clothes and LittleA in his own room.

I hear...

"Mom, Dad threw your panties at me"

Without hesitation I respond "I am sure they are clean, don't worry"

LittleA calls out to me again.

"Mooooommmm...Dad threw your panties at me".

I repeat. " I am sure they are clean, don't worry about it."

And then I take a minute to think. I am sure he wouldn't throw my underwear at him if they weren't a clean pair...or would he? I abandon my dinner making and take the stairs two at a time to investigate the situation.

At the top of the stairs, I am at the door of LittleA's room. He is sitting on the chair in his room, surrounded by a pair of my panties and what looks like the entire contents of one my drawers.
I start gathering the items and reassuring LittleA that the panties are indeed clean ones.

On his floor I find every bathing suit I own (a few of these are bikinis even. Never been worn mind you but I have a few), a few pairs of pantyhose, a few bra's...

As I am grabbing all the items off the floor. I call out to KingK,

"Did you dump my entire drawer in his room?"

"Yup" he replies simply.

LittleA grumbles and says." He even threw your Spanx at me."

Observations and questions that only now come to mind after reading what I wrote:

-I never asked KingK why he did it. Things like that this just happen at our house. I also wasn't freaked out or embarrassed that my bathing suits and what not were scattered on LittleA's bedroom floor. I am not a shy person or a sensitive one. Sensitivity in our house is pretty impossible. I like it this way.
-I didn't flinch or get even annoyed when the first report was made of my panties been tossed at my youngest son. There is something really wrong with that. I have been so desensitized living with boys!
-I scooped up the articles, put them back in the drawer, and went back to making dinner.
-KingK carried on with what he was doing.
-LittleA barely looked up from TV he was watching in his room through out all of this.
-We are so used to this kind of stuff, we barely flinch anymore.
-LittleA knows what Spanx are, at that I have some. A girl (me, the only girl) has few secrets in our house.
-Yes, I have Spanx. I most of the time can't be bothered to wear them or forget I even have them but there, I said it. I have some.

Do a lot of funny shenanigans happen in your house?
Are you easily embarrassed?
The big question, do you own a pair of Spanx?
(there is no shame in wanting to keep your wobbly bits contained, most of us have wobbly bits, let's face it!).

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things I learned last week


~I actually can get to work before 8:00 am. This is big news! It is possible!                                            

~Walmart after 10:00 PM on a weeknight is delightful. So quiet and no lines. It's lovely.

~I seriously have to consider that I am in love with a doctor... Dr. Pepper. I might be addicted.

~Gold fish can survive without being fed for days...poor Tangerine, the neglected fish. I really do feel  bad for you!

~My 12 year old son has his own YouTube channel that I was not aware of. There will be full post on this, soon!

~2 women, a bottle of red wine and the movie "Magic Mike" on a Saturday night make for a night of good laughs.

~If you put a plate of washed and cut up veggies in the fridge and place it front and centre...they will eat it.

~Regardless of how it feels sometimes, we are not given more than we can handle.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday find

This week's find was found at a neat little shop I check out from time to time. The shop is called Land and Sea here in my city but I did Google it and I did find it on Ebay as well.

                                                   Trap -a-crap!!!!

TRAP-A-CRAP Bathroom Toilet Spray

Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know! Never again be ashamed of embarrassing odors when you use this incredible bathroom product!
Now there's no need for separate bathrooms to preserve your relationship! By aromatherapy magic, not a chemical cover-up, Poo~Pourri provides a way to prevent bathroom odors by forming a barrier of essential oils that neutralize unpleasant odors before they come into contact with the air. Now you can do your business and your husband, wife, roommates, coworkers and kids will never know.
Poo-Pourri not only improves air quality, it's environmentally friendly. There are no aerosols or harsh chemicals involved, only natural essential oils that eliminate bathroom odors and are safe for the planet and your septic system as well.

So, along the lines of the "just a drop" stuff only more fun right? The name itseylf fits into our home perfectly. And all natural as well, this I truly appreciate.
If this stuff works like they say it does...we need this in our house! It seems like every other time I walk into a bathroom in our house, one of the boys (biggest culprit is the biggest boy, my husband KingK) has dropped a bomb of stink in there. And I am never prepared...although, I should's not an uncommon thing in our house! 

So this may find its way into our home. We are just that classy. 

*I was not compensated in anyway for my mention of this product or the store I found it in*

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random confession

Another rando...

We all take short cuts, as Mom's, as Wives, and as busy sometimes lazy humans in general. It's okay. We aren't perfect. And you are not expected to be. Did you know that? Holy Crap right? Spread the word, tell your friends. None of us are perfect. Breaking news!

My confession? My dirty little secret?

I don't iron clothes. I would rather clean all 3 toilets in my house with a toothbrush than iron clothes. I suck at it and avoid it at all costs. My Mom is awesome at it. She even enjoys it. She has shown me several times how to properly do it. As much as I appreciate her efforts, I just don't have the patience for it.
When my oldest son bigJ was around 8 years old a situation came up where I was left no option but to iron a pair of pants. Dire situations call for drastic measures, I tell ya. I can't remember why it was so dire but I can assure you it must have been very serious. So I lug out the ironing board. BigJ is alerted by the loud creaky sound it made as I set it up. He walks around it and eagerly asks "what is that?". I tell him it's an ironing board. He asks "what do you do with it?". This is a true story folks. It is a sad but true story. He was 8 and had not once seen me iron.
So yeah, it does not happen in our house very often. Wrinkly clothes? Shove em  in the dryer. Hang em in the bathroom while you are showering and hope the wrinkles steam out. Or spray them with water and smooth them out with your hand. Oh and Downy has a great spray. It's called wrinkle releaser, it works okay and it leaves your clothes smelling downy fresh, bonus!
And part two of my confession? I don't care if we aren't all starched and wrinkle free when we leave our house. Semi wrinkle free is good enough for me! And if your clothes are also little wrinkly, I probably won't even notice. It's just not a detail I care about.
And about that ironing board? BigJ found a use for it the day I first introduced him to it. He used it as a launch pad of sorts. He pushed his cars off of it, having contests on which one could land the farthest away after being pushed off of it at great 8 year old speeds. I left it up for him for days. That was the most use it has yet to get, to this very day!

That actually reminds me of the fabulous use my kids found for my very disliked and abandoned thighmaster... but that's a tale for another time.

That's my confession, what yours?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 Day you challenge-One picture of yourself

Well, as of last Thursday we are on the last challenge of the 10 day you challenge. This one I have been dreading a bit, I have to be honest but I doing it. I have to finish what I started at least.

1 picture of myself.

Boo. I am not photogenic at all. All pictures of me turn out bad. And it doesn't help that I tend to do odd, random things when getting my picture taken. Like try to be sexy. It never ends up looking sexy. Ever.

So here you go, I am on the left. I chose this picture for a few reasons.
1) It is recent, it was taken last month. I don't get my picture often. I don't really like it.
2) My eyes are not red in this one and I look somewhat normal, this is rare.
3) I am with my #1 fan, what could be better?

My  #1 fan and I hit NYC in October. Our dream trip together, yay!
And here we are on the tour bus, being tourists. Yeah we did.
We will be back NYC!

I am really uncomfortable sharing pictures of myself, is this normal? Do you love getting your picture taken? Do you like showing pictures of yourself?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Things I learned last week

~I really don't like pads with wings. I know they offer added protection or whatever but I find the wings an extra step I would rather not have to do. I am lazy.

~I am way behind this year where I am usually at with gift buying at this point in the season. I usually almost done by this time and I am not even close this year!

~I might actually be one of the only people left on this earth that has does not a have some sort of smart phone. And for the record, I am fine with that. I don't need access to the internet wherever I am. or emails. Or apps. I just need and want to text and phone people. Call me a simpleton if you want!

~I will almost break my arms loading them up with grocery bags trying to avoid taking 2 trips when unloading them from the car to the house. 2 trips are almost always needed anyways. You would think I would learn.

~The term "assface", totally makes me laugh. If I call people this name, does that make me an assface? I am totally laughing right now. Assface. That's good stuff.

~Grade 7 students still have big birthday parties. I thought now that they are in grade 7, they were too old and would just have sleepovers. Wrong. My weekends are still being taken up driving littleA to this theatre, that pool...for birthday parties. I am kind of grumpy about it. Enough already!

~When left alone in my house on a Sunday afternoon (yes, totally and completely alone, this rarely happens) I can get tons of housework done. Uninterrupted time can be such a  a beautiful thing!

~Regardless of how it feels sometimes, we are not given more than we can handle.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Find

Hey You Guys Goonies Women's Dark T-Shirt

This one might not mean anything to some, depending on your age but I came across this online and had to share, it totally made me smile. When I read it, I can hear the character saying it and it brings back great childhood memories of watching this movie, many times. If you can tell me what movie this is from, I might  have a prize for you. Okay, I don't have a prize for you but I will be super impressed!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things I learned last week

~Trying to write a blog post using a tablet takes me way longer than I care to admit.

~Wishes still are not washing my dishes.

~Not getting an oil change for like 8 months may be the reason ones check engine light to come on. Or maybe not.

~The baby bird that left the nest just a week ago might actually miss us already. (He came for a visit and stayed for almost 36 hours!).

~Further to my last realization, there really is no place like home.

~I will never hear my Grampa tell the his story of the cat that ran out of gas again.If I could just hear him tell it just one more time...In loving memory of one of the funniest, sweetest people I have ever known, my Grampa- Dec 11, 1925~Nov 10th, 2012.

~It really could take me a good part of 2 days to sort through years of pictures and finally put them in albums. Yes, I did it....FINALLY!

~Regardless of how it feel sometimes, we are not given more than we can handle.

Monday, November 26, 2012

A quick shout out for Google!

Happy Monday!
I just wanted to send a quick shout out to Google (Canada) for the pic I saw on the homepage browser page thing this morning! It's Mr.Dress up, yay! If you didn't read my post on my love for Mr.Dress-up you can read it here.

Hats off to you for the fabulous choice in graphics today!

Ahhhh... Mr Dress-up, Casey, Finnegan and the tickle trunk. Back in the day when "tickle trunk" wasn't a dirty term. I miss those days!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Find

This weeks Friday find is a recipe. I didn't actually "find" it myself. It was given to me by a co-worker. But, if we want to get technical I did find it...she left me a printed copy of the recipe on my desk and I "found" it on my keyboard when I go into work the other day. So there you go, I did find it!
I wanted to share it with you because if you bake a lot like I do (but even if you only do it occasionally), the quality of your vanilla does make a difference. Real, pure vanilla is waaayyy better than the artificial stuff you can buy! And this so easy and will keep forever!


The best brand of vanilla extract-your own!

-To make vanilla extract, split a fresh vanilla bean or two (usually can be found in your local grocery store baking isle) lengthwise and scrape out the seeds.
-Place the seeds and the split pod in a sealable container
-Add 3/4 cup hot vodka (you can just warm it up on in the microwave if you want and any brand will do, it doesn't have to be the expensive stuff).
-Let the mixture cool to room temperature for one week, Shaking gently everyday.
-Strain the extract if desired and store in a cool dark place (a cupboard).

This extract should keep indefinitely.

*my co-worker started off using only one bean and by the end of the week had added 3 more as she likes strong vanilla. You can play around with this as well, and make it as strong as you like.*

I started my batch with 4 beans as I know I like strong vanilla!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 day you challenge

Happy Thursday (and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!) And as it is Thursday it's time for this weeks challenge form the 10 day you challenge.

2 songs...
I really had to think about this and my two picks are:

1) Imagine by John Lennon- Lennon was a unique man and this song really grabs me, EVERY TIME I hear it. it is very powerful for me.
2) Always on my mind by Elvis-  I am not gonna lie, I love Elvis. Not so common for someone my age. I was only a wee toddler when he died but I grew up with his music playing in our house often (thanks Mom! No really, thanks-I loved it!). And this song has been one of my favourites since I can remember! It's kind of sad though!

I have to add in an honourable mention, and this one is just for fun...

Yoko Ono by The Bare Naked Ladies. (Never realized it until right this second but 2 of my picks are John Lennon related. Weird). I sing this at the top of my lungs whenever it plays. It's just a fun song for me. There is also a line it that I just love and try to live by (live by words from The Bare Naked Ladies...but of course!). "If there is someone you can live without, then do so. If there is someone you can just shove out, then do so!". I love it! If you can, if it's possible- get rid of the rif raf in your life, the people that bring you down, then do it!

So I pass on the challenge... can you name your top 2 songs or even your top 3?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just a giggle for hump day

This was sent to me in an email this morning. Every time I look at it I giggle. The look on his face is priceless! To the parents of this baby I have to say that you have one adorable child!

And that's all I have for today...

But a giggle is always good right?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Things I learned last week

~ If I leave the carved pumpkins on the front step and all the Halloween decorations up long enough, my Husband will actually clean it all up. (Apparently mushy, 2 1/2 week old pumpkins bother him. huh. I walked by them everyday and still couldn't bother my arse to take them to the garbage can. Yes, it was one of those kind of weeks (again).

~ I will never be caught up on laundry. I need to accept this move on.

~There is nothing better than a nice surprise dinner out with a couple fantastic ladies on a Friday night.

 ~Sometimes you really do just have to let the baby bird leave the nest. It doesn't mean you don't love the baby bird with all your being (and your baby bird might come back, and be a little wiser, a little stronger and more appreciative? Maybe?).

 ~There is only like 5 weeks until Christmas. Enough said.

 ~Every dog in my neighborhood stops to pee on the light post that is on the edge of my yard. Every. freakin. dog. in. the. neighborhood.

~I suck at hanging outdoor Christmas lights. I should not be allowed to do it. And my husband has every right to smile and shake his head when I try to do it. I am a gong show when trying to do this, it's true.

~My husband is way more patient then I ever give him credit for.

~Regardless of how it feel sometimes, we are not given more than we can handle.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vomit, Gynecological Wipes and My # 1 fan

From time to time, my #1 fan pops in to read my blog. I have to be honest, I know who my number # 1 fan is. And we have had some really fun adventures together! My #1 fan popped in a while back and eluded to some funny times we have shared. I was just sitting here thinking about the time...

We were driving, it was night and it was dark. I am in the passenger seat and my #1 fan is driving. We have two male passengers in the back seat that we are agreed to drive home although I have to be honest, we did not know them. They just happen to be leaving the same place we were and needed a ride (thinking back, bad idea on so many levels-oh yeah). There was some normal chit chat for a while and then it got pretty quiet in the back seat. It was dark in the car and we couldn't see much of what was going on in the back but didn't really think there was anything odd going on. We arrive to the location these male passengers wanted to be dropped off at. The guys jump out and it was a very quick good bye. It was then we realized the reason it got quiet in the backseat. It smelled bad. It was on the floor. Quite a lot of it actually. One of these guys had thrown up in the back seat. Yeah, the bugger really did. And said nothing. And they both ran out of the car faster than bats out of you know where. Apparently he had a bit too much too drink. Who would have thought a young man probably around 20 yrs old out after midnight on a Saturday night might have been drinking and too much at that? That would be odd, right?

The panic. The nastiness. The horror. What do we do? It's all over the floor in the backseat. We have no paper towels, nothing really to clean it up with. And then, I remember. In my purse I have some wipes! I had been to the doctor that morning and I always take the wipes they leave in the bathroom. You know the wipes you use to clean your hoo ha before you pee into the cup. Gynecological wipes. Yes, I take them from my doctors office bathroom.  A girl never knows when she might need to freshen up. Ha, no really I take a few now and then because I like free stuff. Don't judge me. I am not a clepto. Geez it's just a few wipes. Like I am the only one to put a few in her purse now and then (you know who you are!). On with the story. I present the wipes to my #1 fan. And this is what I love about my #1 fan. I don't think there was a pause, a skipped beat or question why I had them. My #1 fan knows me all to well, and could probably guess exactly why I had them. We clean up the vomit with the wipes and guess what? She also has some perfume in the car. Yay! We spray the wet spots with the Hugo boss perfume and voila! Problem solved. Strange boy vomit taken care of and under control. And let me tell you, there is nothing better than the smell of a recently vomited in car that has just been cleaned with Gyno wipes and Hugo Boss for her perfume. Awesome.

I am pretty sure we just hopped back in the car, had a good laugh and carried on home.

No big deal. Just another night for me and my # 1 fan.

Now this has me thinking of the another night that involved my #1 fan and I sitting for hours in the car. In the back of a dark parking lot in the wee hours of morning stalking waiting a boy she fancied at the time...

Oh to be young again...

Or maybe not.

Cheers to my #1 fan and to all the adventures we have yet to experience together, but no doubt in my mind we will! I love ya, you crazy nut!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Find

Hello beautiful necklace, I wish you were mine!


This Friday Find is the knotted necklace by Silpada Designs.
Silpada designs offer a fabulous line of high quality Sterling silver jewelry  You can order online or host a Silpada home party and receive great bonuses for the sales made at your home party. I have attended 2 Silpada home parties in the past week and have lovingly gazed and admired this necklace each time. One day, when the time is right and all the stars line up (and the bank account is a little fuller!), it will be mine!!!!
Take a look at the entire Silpada line and hey maybe place an online order here . Once you see this stuff, I know you will find a favourite as well!

On a side note, although I have not yet made this necklace mine, I did order these earrings:

Silpada Hailstone earrings, pretty right?  

Now, go! Check out Silpada and let me know what your Friday find is from their catalogue! I hope to add a few more pieces of the Silpada jewelry along with my coveted Knotted necklace. Help me pick a few more items for my wish list!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 day you challenge~3 films

10 day you challenge~3 films

Thursday is here and it's time for another challenge for the 10 day you challenge! This week it's 3 films.
I am a little all over the map in my taste in movies but there are a few that I would say have stayed with me.
Here are my picks:

1) Pay it forward- I normally stay away from movies that might make me cry because  I really don't like to cry but I just happen to turn on the TV one day and it was just starting. I saw that one of the main characters was Helen Hunt and I really like her so I watched it. The ending caught me totally off guard and I cried...a full blown ugly cry which I rarely do. This movie really had an impact on me, with a title like that, of course right?
2)  Shrek-the first one. This movie just makes me laugh. My kids and I watched this together oh so many years ago and it brings back really good memories when I see it or think about it. Good memories of good times spent with my kids.And it really is just a funny movie!
3) Pretty woman-yup, it`s a classic and I have to have it on my list. I have seen this movie at least 15 times. I will probably watch it even more times through out my life. I am not a romantic person but I do like this movie. Come on with lines like "50 bucks Grandpa, for 75 your wife can watch", how can you not love it!

Sometimes a movie can be a favourite because of who you watched it with, because of the message or just because it made you laugh or cry. Do you have one that totally stands out for you?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What would you do?

So here’s the situation,

You’re at the office and it’s a little later than you would usually stay. Most of the office has gone home all ready, there are a just a few of you left. You leave your desk to go and get a cup of coffee. When you come back to your desk there’s a sealed envelope on your chair. That’s weird you think to yourself, where did that come from? You look around and there is no-one in sight. You sit down and open the envelope slowly, kind of freaked out at this point. Inside the envelope is one crisp sheet of paper folded in half. You slide the sheet of paper out and unfold it. It has one line of type right in the middle of the paper. It reads… “Meet me in the stairwell”.

What would you do? Would you go?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things I learned last week

Just a snippet of what I learned last week...

~It will never fail that as soon as I clean a toilet in my home, someone will come along and leave in a skid mark in it within minutes (and no, it’s never me that does it btw!)

~It's true. The men in my house do try to just wash the skid mark off with their pee stream. All three of them admitted this is their effort to clean it up.. words fail me. Let's move on.

~trying to sneak fruits and veggies into our meals without it being detected only works on my youngest son; the others detected it and rejected it. Fail.

~Even when you know the death of loved one is coming, it still hurts like crazy when the day actually comes.

~I am old. I got a new vacuum and am totally excited to use it. I got it, put it together right away and vacuumed like a little kid playing with their new toy on Christmas day. Old and lame, yup that’s me.

~No matter how hard I try, my basement storage room will have junk in it that I just don’t need but totally cannot part with. Of course I need all those baskets. They have been in that room, unused and totally dusty for years but I might one day miraculously become crafty and come up with an idea of what to use them for darn it!

~I am not a fan Kirstie Ally. Come on, the guy passed away. Why are you talking about it now, if it’s even true? Let his widow have her good memories. Have a little class.

~I think I have now officially seen every episode ever of The big bang theory at least twice.

~I have enough Christmas wrapping paper. Whenever I see it cheap (after Christmas) I Ioad up. I found over 25 rolls of it in my basement. Okay, I think that’s enough for now, jeez lady!

~Regardless of how it feels sometimes, we are not given more than we can handle.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Find

So here it is, this Friday find was found at Starbucks...

Starbucks eggnog lattes are here...yay!

I might be the last person on the planet to discover this lovely cup of delicious but in case I am not, I had to share. Not everybody loves eggnog, not everybody loves coffee but if you do (for the record, I don't love coffee but I love Starbucks lattes, yeah I know kinda weird)...treat yourself to one soon! They will be offered over the holiday season and if you end up loving it, that's not long enough! It is a nice, rich, tasty, makes you excited for Christmas cup of joy!

Every Friday I will ask the same question. Do you have any fabulous finds you can share? I would love to hear about them!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The 10 day you challenge~ 4 books

The challenge continues! This week is to list 4 books so here are my picks:

1) The five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom-The last person he meets, took my breath away, I wasn't expecting it to be that person. I love this book and this author.
2) Charlotte's Web by E.B White- I wasn't a fan of this book when I was a kid but I read it to both my boys when they were little (there are 7 years apart so I read it to them at different times) and I fell in love with it. It's a great story. And a perfect book to snuggle up with at bedtime and read with your kids!
3) Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews- It's been years since I read it but it had me enthralled. I finished in 2 days, I couldn't put it down. I whipped through the whole series actually.
4) The hundred secret senses by Amy Tan-I couldn't stop thinking about this book once I finished it. It got me a little teary and that doesn't happen very often! I don't know what it was about the book but it hit a nerve or something with me. A really good read.

What would be on your list of 4 faves? Join the challenge here or just leave me a comment and let me know a fave or two of yours. I am always looking for new books to read!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You can't hate a rebate!!!


I know you are thinking, oh what she is going on about? But I really want to share with you a Canadian online shopping website that pays you Cash Back Rebates on online purchases. The website is called  ( US folks, I don't know if you can participate, it doesn't say you can't though, anywhere I looked).

Why join? You can continue to shop online or become an online shopper at many of your favourite merchants.  The expanding list of merchants includes: Dell, Expedia, Indigo, The Source, Travelocity, Sears,  Home Depot and The Shopping Channel. Toys R US and Old Navy.  Savings and rebates are only a few clicks away. is extremely easy to use. To get started, register by following the link below, shop as you currently do and your rebates will be automatically credited to your Cash Back Rebate account. also has many great coupons, free shipping specials, and sales directly from the stores.

As a bonus for registering will give you a Toonie!
That's right, $2.00 will automatically be deposited into your account to get you started, just
for registering.

It's super easy and if you are going to make the purchases anyways, why not get a little cash back each time??? Seriously, it's just that simple! And don't forget about sales they let you know about and money saving coupon codes you get by being a member.

Follow this link to get started!!!!

Happy Shopping and Saving!

P.S- And yes, there is a referral reward program. If you sign up through my referral, I do get a little bonus. The same goes for you, after you sign up, you can refer people as well and get a little reward as well! We all win, yay!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

10 day you challenge

I am jumping in to the linky party a little late but I think it will be fun so I am joining anyway!

The 10 day you challenge hosted by bloglovetherapy. We move onto a new challenge each Thursday.

If you want to join, go here:

Come on, it'll be fun!

This challenge is the five foods challenge so here it goes. After a lot of thought, okay not so much. This one is pretty easy for me! They are in no particular order though.

1) Potato and cheddar perogies

2) Beef donairs

3) Pasta ( all kinds!)

4) Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

5) Guacamole

 And there have it, a little glimpse of my favourite foods.

Join the linky party or just let me know what some of your faves might remind me of other things I love and haven't had in a while or get me to try something new!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday finds

Most of the time I like shopping (okay, I am kind of known around these parts to always be shopping and looking for the latest score).  I have to admit however  I am pretty cheap frugal so it makes for interesting shopping at times.I shop a lot online and a fair share in stores as well. I am always on the look out for a good deal and always keeping my eye out for unique items.

Each Friday I will share with you a recent find.
We'll try it out anyways okay? Okay.

This week I started my online search for unique items for my kids for Christmas.
Shopping for my boys has become challenging. bigJ is now 19 and has a full time job that pays pretty well. Whatever he wants he buys for himself these days. His closet is overflowing with clothes, he obviously doesn't play with toys and any other thing he might be interested in that he hasn't already bought himself is way over our Christmas budget. LittleA is 12, barely plays with toys anymore, is on the fence about getting clothes as gifts and just want video games. I refuse to indulge the video game obsession any further. So this leads me to hours of searching for things that they will like and actually use without spending a tons of money or wasting any money either on stuff they will shove in a drawer and never look at again.

This week I found a little gadget for bigJ he might actually find cool (maybe, just maybe) and the price tag was not bad. It's a guitar pick punch. You can take old credit cards and gifts cards and such and use this punch to make guitar picks out of them.
It's unique if anything. I have never seen anything like it before. BigJ plays guitar so hopefully he can get a little use out of this. I think it's a neat little gift anyways that he can use for years to come. He seems to loose picks frequently so this should get some use!

You can get this item here

(there's lot's of neat stuff on this website actually!)

If you have any ideas of unique gifts my boys might like or just unique gift ideas in general pass them along, I would love to hear them!!!

Blog Hop!!!

I am blog hopping. And I am enjoying it.
Until 2 days ago I didn't even know what a blog hop was. And now, I am participating in my first one.
I am enjoying the diversity of blogs that it is opening up to me. As we all know, there are some fabulous bloggers out there,  We need to give them some love (in bloggyland, that's comments and follows)!
Wanna join the blog hop and get to know some other great bloggers? Join a weekly blog hop that the fabulous people at BlogLoveTherapy host

Happy Hopping!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

My kidlets are not so little anymore. In fact, they are too old and too tall to be called kidlets anymore. But I still call them that from time to time. Yes, I am one of those sad Mom's who struggles with the aging of her children. I try to rein it in and keep the struggle internal but it bubbles over sometimes. I can't help it.

My oldest is now 19. He no longer trick or treats, of course. He stopped somewhere around the age of 14. The deal I made with him when he turned 13 was that if he wanted a costume and wanted to continue to go out trick or treating, he would have to pay for the costume himself. And, he had to put effort into it or he couldn't go. You see, I have issues with these teenagers that come to my door with a silly mask on and nothing else or nothing at all. I really don't like giving them candy. Not if they aren't even willing to put a bit of effort into it. And if they are clearly past the age that they should be trick or treating, I tell them I have no candy for them. I don't lie and say I am out of candy. I tell them I don't have any for them. They take it as I am out of candy. Whatever. Bottom line is that to me, the fun of trick or treating is basically for the ages of 12 and under.
My youngest son is now 12. This is the last year I will pay for a costume for him. In fact, this year the costume he chose cost $75.00. In my opinion, too much for a one time affair. So, I am a monster of a Mom. I agreed to pay half of the cost. If he wanted the costume he had to pay the other half. He agreed. This is the costume he got...
Lightweight Unisex Penquin Costume
(in his size, not adult of course!)

It is a really nice costume. Hopefully we can find another use or person to pass it on to. It's a pretty cool costume and made pretty well!

 Okay, back to topic. I think that age 13 is really pushing it and by 14, the trick or treating train should screech to a halt. Enough is enough. You are too old at this point. Time to start helping your parents with the handing out of candy. But let me just add, that this does not mean you should now just prowl the neighborhood, smashing pumpkins and creating havoc. Don't be a dumbass. Just sayin.

Do you agree? What age to do you think is too old for trick or treating? Am I way out too lunch on this?

Oh and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The no-spend day challenge

Where does all our money go?  I ask myself this all the time. KingK and I are have decent jobs, we are comfortable. And yet, as the month goes on and I see the state of bank account, I am always surprised. Where the heck does the money go?  We pay our regular bills and all but we should have more left over by the next payday than we do.We don't make big extravagant purchases. no new electronics or furniture or big renovations or anything! Neither of us really do much shopping each week other than for groceries and the odd thing needed around the house. We don't have extensive wardrobes and nor do our children. We have what we need and it's fair quality stuff but nothing crazy expensive. We aren't extravagant with the kids either. They have what they need and on holidays and birthdays get decent gifts but not a ton of spending in between really.
So... I have been throwing around the idea of tracking our daily spending and have talked the to KingK about it. We have established a dollar value we think is very manageable to get through the weeks between paydays. I have set it in an account that will only be used for this purpose. The amount of money we decided on is in this account and there is nothing more in it. That is our monthly spending money. Our bills and house costs will come out of a different account.  And we are really going to try and stick to it because I have a really good idea where the cash is going each month. No different than many people out there I am guessing. Silly little spends that really add up! Little trips into the convenience store on the way to work for a drink and a treat. Stopping again on the way home for something we totally didn't need. And eating out for lunch a few times a week and more than necessary dinner's out as well. We don't eat out for dinner a tonne but more than we should. Going to the grocery store without a list...never works well for me either. Plan ahead. I used to be so diligent with it, what happened?  I always overspend when I don't go with a list! So basically, our laziness is costing us money. And it needs to stop. In addition to keeping track of the spending, budgeting our monthly spending and putting it aside from our regular monthly bill money, I have also decided to challenge myself and KingK to no spend days. Days we spend no money at all! It can be done, I have my share of these days but would like more! So, here's my idea. Plan a weeks worth of meals and snacks and buy all the needed groceries for the week so I am not stopping at the store at all during the week, for anything! This includes the drinks and little treats we may be tempted to stop at the local 7/11 to get while driving by. Everyone knows they are up charged at the convenience stores and cheaper at the grocery store anyway! Fill up the vehicles with gas on Sunday so we have gas for the week. Anything I can plan for a week at a time I will. And then, the challenge. Have more no spend days in a week than spend days. I am excited! I know I can do this a need to get KingK excited about it as well. No spend days will be awesome for our bank account!

Could you do it? Do you do it now? Want to take the challenge with me?

Here's to lot's of no spend days!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love winter, I love winter, I love winter...convincing myself...I love winter

It has become very cold and snowy in my city over the last few days. The weatherman told us it was coming, so I can’t say we weren’t warned. It doesn’t make it any less of a shock though when we actually feel that cold air chill us to the bones. And it doesn’t make the commuting and the roads any less frustrating or at some points any less downright dangerous. But I am trying to stay positive and really trying to see what pro’s there are in every situation. So here is my list of pro’s about winter…. I will keep repeating these as it gets colder and hopefully add more to the list!


1) Less flying insects outside

2) No more weeding the garden

3) Using the fireplace in our living room in the evenings

4) Seeing all the beautiful decorated homes with all the Christmas lights

5) The beautiful sound of kid’s laughter as the sled (or toboggan as some call it) down the snow covered hills

And so far, that's it, That's all I can think of!
Do you have any pros about winter to add to my list? I would love to hear them!!! All you winter lovers out there...sell me on winter!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why I think hot tubs are gross

Some people love em, me? I certainly don’t. I think hot tubs are gross.

Yeah, I said it.

I do a very good job of staying out them.

What are my issues with hot tubs?

1) Really hot water that makes a lot of people sweat. Some people sweat a lot  (you sit in the sweat water, sounds awesome right, other peoples sweat as well as your own).

2) When your warm and wet, dead skin seems to come off easier (awww yeah….sitting in sweat water full of others people dead skin plus your own, so relaxing).

3) Hair also seems to fall out easier in warm water, all kinds of hair (enough said on that, also soooo awesome to sit in, mixed with the already present sweat and dead skin).

4) Sitting near naked (some people go in naked) with strangers, usually in very close proximity (awkward and kinda creepy).

5) Sitting near naked (some people go in naked) with friends and family, usually in very close proximity (awkward and totally creepy).

Maybe I would be fine with it if it was my hot tub and only my husband and I used it. Then I might go in it…very occasionally. Most of my issues are hygiene related really but I do think modesty is not always a bad thing, no matter how close you are to that person (other than your spouse of course!). They will never look at you the same after seeing you naked or near naked. No matter what they say or how drunk you all might have been.

Even if the hot tub owner cleans it regularly and all that good stuff, the moment one person steps in it…sweat, dead skin and hair are now present. Enjoy your soak.

Don't even get me started on festering boils, open soars and various skin problems that may be sitting beside you in the hot tub...ones you can and can not see. Yeah, even on people you think you know really well...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A portrait of marriage

Well a tiny bit like my marriage anyways...

 My husband recently told me that he doesn't find me annoying all of the time, just some of the time.
   I told a friend about it and she asked me what my response was. In all honestly my response was to laugh. A true, honest to goodness belly laugh. I love that we can say these things and not offend each other. I love the dynamic of our relationship in this regard. We don't tip toe around each other. We respect each other but don't tip toe around. I think some people would find this disrespectful but I am not the type of person that needs to be coddled, hugged and kissed all of the time to feel loved or respected. Of course, maybe this is why our relationship seems to be enduring. He is not the type to give that kind of attention and I am not the type of person who wants or needs it. I am not sensitive and I enjoy the teasing and honesty. It may not be everyone's ideal relationship but I would not want it any other way and I don't think my Husband would either. We have a lot of fun!
   I also told my friend that I also laughed because I feel the same about him and he totally knows it! I also had to add that isn't that what marriage is about? Loving each other in spite of how annoying we find each other at times?
                                                          I think so, anyways!
                 How would you react if your spouse said something like this to you?