Monday, December 17, 2012

The Confident Mom


I am not a perfect mom or wife – I don’t have it all together all the time. I fall down. I fail. I get tired and overwhelmed.
I have also stopped trying to be the "perfect" anything. I just want to be able to give my family, my friends, my work all that I can of myself but save a little for me too!
Too often I try to pack too much into a day and then when it doesn't all get done, I feel bad about it and myself. And of course, I was trying to get way too much done in the time I gave myself. But I always had in the back of mind, "but every other Mom and wife gets it all done? Why can't I? What is wrong with me?". And then I realized...a lot women struggle with this. I am not alone. And it's okay to need help!

These days I am getting better. Along with accepting that I am not perfect, that I am only one person and that I deserve "down" time too...I found something that actually works for me. Similar to the control journal you may have seen or heard off from the FLYlady, I stumbled onto an equally great (if not a bit simpler) tool on a site called The Confident Mom. This site is full of great tools to help with weekly planning, meal planning, recipes, summer survival, back to school survival, and organization planning and management and a lot more. The Confident Mom weekly planner helps me get a handle on my meal planning, weekly grocery shopping, appointments, reminders and daily and weekly chores. It's easy to follow and I like that I  can tweak it to fit me and my family. I three hole punched it and put in a small binder. Easy to keep track off and to store. I have been playing around with it for a few weeks and have found that I am not falling behind on my housework as much and am way less frazzled. I have our whole week at a glance so it is easier to keep on top of it all. I can actually breathe and slow down a bit. And another really great thing that has come out of it? Anyone in my house can use it or look at it and know whats happening this week. I love that!

There is a link on my sidebar as well, if you want to check it out. I believe so much that this site and it's products can really help me and other ladies out there become "The Confident Mom" they really want to be that I decided to become a Confident Mom affiliate. I can only back something I truly believe adds value to my life and the lives of those who may try it. This is definitely a tool to help you get organized and actually help you get some of your time back...can you imagine having free time and being on top of things in your house? It can actually happen. It's happening for me right now.
And now, on with the week...I am ready!
Happy Monday!



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