Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I was sitting on the train, taking my regular commute home recently and somehow my mind wandered to things my Mom says. Uniquely my Mom. And they make me smile. And they kinda make me shake my head sometimes too!

One that stands out for sure is something she said a lot. To both my Brother and I. Probably mostly my Brother. I was a pretty darn near a perfect child. Yeah, let's go with that shall we?

Brain up. That's what she said. I can hear it, so clearly "why don't you just brain up?".
What did it mean? I think most other parent's would have said "smarten up". But at our house, we were told to brain up.It was not her calling us stupid by any means. It was telling us to smarten up and or behave. I have no idea where she got that from, maybe her parents. I have never heard anyone else say it. It makes me smile and shake my head thinking about it. It's so strange to type it and say it out loud now but we never considered it an odd statement growing up.

Another thing that stands out is something I heard a lot. Until I was like 8 or 9 at least.  I don't remember saying it myself at all but I might have on occasion.
I don't know honestly, now I am thinking about it if it originated from my Mom or if maybe it was a Brotherism. I think though, most likely she said it to him one time or something when he was younger and it just stuck. So it's a bit of both maybe, a Momism and a Brotherism.

Quite often as we got settled into bed, it would start. My Brother would call out to our Mom (Dad worked away a lot and wasn't home a whole lot in these years) "Come and tuck us up Mom".

Not tuck us in, tuck us up. She would almost always be in the basement watching her evening shows and probably couldn't hear him all that well. But he would call out, and call out. I remember laying in my bed thinking, Come on Mom, just come and tuck him up so he will stop yelling and I can get some sleep! It was the same sentence. Nothing more or less to it, ever. Come and tuck us up Mom. Over and over until she heard him and came. He was relentless, my Brother. He still is most times!

I feel like calling my Brother tonight really late and when he answers yelling "come and tuck us up Mom" and hanging up. Hahaha. He would be so confused and maybe even annoyed. I should totally do it! And it's about time he was kept awake by the sentence "come and tuck us up Mom".

I wonder if my kids have things they would say are uniquely me. Momisms that I  have or say. I can't think of any. Hmmm....interesting.

Are there things that stick out that your Mom always says or does that is uniquely her? Totally just your Mom? A true Momism?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making myself accountable...

I have been inspired by Jamie (you should totally check out her blog here, she's a fantastic writer and its a lovely blog! ) to do a monthly to do list and post it here to make my self accountable.

I have been meaning to do this for months and never got around to it. So you can see how bad I am at getting things done. I can't even get the list done!

So here I am, posting my list in hopes that it motivate me to get things done.

July is almost over but I have come up with a little list of things I hope to get done mainly this weekend, I guess since that's about all the time I have left in July. This whole having a full time job outside the home really gets in the way of getting things done at home during the week!

  • Clean out both pantries in kitchen
  • Seed and weed both the front and back lawn
  • Paint bedside tables
  • Power wash outside of all the house windows
  • Power wash the front porch
  • Plant flowers in the planters on front porch and back deck
  • Have coffee with dear friend

Now I realize it's a little late in the summer to be planting annuals but I just havent had the chance yet this summer and I figure, better late then never!

Same for seeding. I have to add though, that I already seeded once this year. However, with a neighbor that does no weed control, at all, EVER and has no almost zero grass left (it's all weeds at this point) we need to keep reseeding and trying to push the weeds that are crawling over from their lawn onto ours. We figure the thicker our grass is, the less room for weeds? If you have a better idea, PLEASE share. We have spent hours and a fair amount of money trying to ward off the weed investation that is our neighbors lawn. Weed killer, seeding. pulling weeds, fertalizing...the list goes on. It's so fustrating!

And a quick note on the bedside tables. We have had them for about 7 years. We baught them new and they are unpainted wood. My intention was to paint them like the weekend after we got them...did I mention that was like 7 years ago?  So sad.

And lastly coffee with a dear friend. This friend I get chatting and can chat for hours. We want to try and get together every other week for coffee. I really hope we can stick to that, I really enjoy our chats!

And that's the plan...

Over and out.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Look into my eyes

I have never really given a lot of thought to my eyes until this past year.
Like most people, my eyes have been the same color since I was like 2 years old.
Does anyone really think about the color of their eyes? They are what they are and that's pretty much it.

It started off with a good friend who I have known for many years, interrupting me in mid sentence, to comment on how blue my eyes looked these days. I just chalked it up to it being the color of my shirt, making them look brighter or something.

 Then, last October my # 1 fan and I were in NYC on a little vacation together. While we there 2 separate comments from 2 total strangers at 2 totally different times were made about the color of my eyes. And both times the comment was "but you have you have brown hair". One guy even went as far as to ask me where I got them from and surely I must have gotten them from a blonde parent. Nope, I got em from my Dad who also has brown hair.

Well that's odd. But okay. I guess people like me are an oddity in the US? Any Americans reading this can jump in any time and tell me if I am wrong. I really have no idea.

Then a month or two after I got back from NYC, I was in the mall with LittleA. We were going up an escalator. There was a guy at the top. He was waving to us and when we got to the top he stopped us and told me he had never see eyes like the color of mine and asked me if they were real. What? I am thinking at this point. My eyes are the same color they have always been, What is going on? They are blue. Plain old blue.

And then again a few months later I was chatting with my youngest niece and she stops in mid conversation and asks me if I am wearing colored contacts. I tell her I am not (because I don't) and she says "your eyes are blue". Yup, I say they always have been. And she is too "but your hair is brown". Okay, so now this lovely lady has known me her her whole life, which at the time was 12 years. Why is everyone noticing the color of my eyes all of a sudden? And yeah, I have brown hair. I am no freak of nature. Sheesh.

And again, one more time, not too long ago. I am waiting in the line at Tim Horton's (mmmm, Timmy's coffee!). I am meeting a friend as well. I see her come in. I look over and wave at her at the door as she comes in. She says from across the store..."holy crap your eyes are so blue today. I have never seen them this blue!". Her and I have been friends for like over 20 years. So strange.

So I am at a loss. For 2 things. Are my eyes suddenly a lot brighter or something? And is really odd to have blue eyes and brown hair? I have never thought so. It happens all the time, doesn't it?

So that's another musing of my random mind.

On a side note. I am totally terrible at paying attention to the color of peoples eyes. I just never notice. Is it also weird that I don't pay attention to this detail about people.

Do you notice the color of peoples eyes?

Friday, July 19, 2013

I went MIA again...woops!

Oh my. It has been a long time since I posted.
I have lots to say and yet, have nothing.
Funny how that goes.

Summer is in full swing. I am heading out camping with my most favourite girlfriends for a weekend of debauchery camping.
This is the 4th year now for the girls only camping trip.  I look forward to it all year. We usually have a theme (last year it was Disco) and we celebrated the birthday of one of our ladies. It was an awesome time. We decorated the campsite and even had a disco ball and tie dyed shirts (that I made, thank you very much!).

This year...well it's a surprise. I can't say yet, some in case one of my girlfriends reads this and they don't know anything has been planned. But I will say, I think we are going to have A LOT of fun.
We drink, we eat, we drink. Yes, I know I said that twice. We do a wee bit of drinking.
And laughing. So much laughing. There is just so much to say for what a weekend away with some people that you love dearly can do for your state of mind.
It's a great chance to get away from laundry and dust bunnies and all the glamorous details of the everyday life. We love our families of course but a weekend away, not taking take care of anyone is a great refresher!

So, what else has been going on?

Seems like so much longer ago than it really has been but my beautiful city and parts of our beautiful province had historical flooding last month.  The clean up is still on going.
The neighborhood I live in was not flooded but my Dad unfortunately lives in an area of the city that was hit pretty hard.
I spent a good part of a week over my Dad's helping them with clean up and trying to get things back to a livable level. He and his wife were fortunate in the fact that the water did not reach the main floor of their house but their basement was almost completely full of water, almost to the roof. A lot of stuff was not salvageable but we did manage to clean up and save quite a lot. There's still more work ahead as they will need to rebuild the entire basement but I am happy to report that they are now on a much deserved holiday. Resting and fishing. And they sure do deserve some solitude and calm right now!

A glimpse of what was going on my city just a few weeks ago

This flood experience was like none other I  have ever seen or dealt with in my life. Nothing like this really happens in our area. We are usually pretty safe from Mother Nature's wrath.
Seeing how the city and the province all pulled together and started rebuilding, right away is something I will never forget. I can't even explain it. There were thousands of volunteers walking the streets of the affected areas, handing out food, cleaning supplies, services. Anything you could possibly need. My heart is lighter just thinking about it. My sense of community is a lot stronger now. Stronger than it has ever been.

Oh there's the whole someone got into our garage and stole KingK's truck (keys were in it, yeah. I know...what?). The garage door was open about a foot. KingK was airing it out. They must have crawled under the door and jackpot... a nice truck with keys in it. Awesome! They jumped in the truck, gunned it and back right out of the garage, right though the door.We don't live in a bad area at all really. We live in the burbs for Pete's sakes. Alas a sad truth, it can happen anywhere. Even small quiet towns. Criminals are everywhere. It was an awesome way to wake up on a Sunday morning, I tell ya. It shook the whole house.
We still don't have a garage door. The garage is all boarded up. Yeah, it looks very classy. We did get the truck back and surprisingly it doesn't have much damage. Dealing with police and insurance constantly still (it's been 2 weeks almost) but hey, we got the truck back (minus EVERYTHING that was in it, right down to a box of kleenex and my lip gloss, the nerve!) and life goes on.

Kind of what my house looks like right now. This is not my house but you get the idea.
On a side note, I really need to start taking and using my own pictures!

Well there's a bit of recap of the last month or so. I hope I can get back to posting my usual nonsense, in a more regular fashion.

Talk to you soon!