Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I was sitting on the train, taking my regular commute home recently and somehow my mind wandered to things my Mom says. Uniquely my Mom. And they make me smile. And they kinda make me shake my head sometimes too!

One that stands out for sure is something she said a lot. To both my Brother and I. Probably mostly my Brother. I was a pretty darn near a perfect child. Yeah, let's go with that shall we?

Brain up. That's what she said. I can hear it, so clearly "why don't you just brain up?".
What did it mean? I think most other parent's would have said "smarten up". But at our house, we were told to brain up.It was not her calling us stupid by any means. It was telling us to smarten up and or behave. I have no idea where she got that from, maybe her parents. I have never heard anyone else say it. It makes me smile and shake my head thinking about it. It's so strange to type it and say it out loud now but we never considered it an odd statement growing up.

Another thing that stands out is something I heard a lot. Until I was like 8 or 9 at least.  I don't remember saying it myself at all but I might have on occasion.
I don't know honestly, now I am thinking about it if it originated from my Mom or if maybe it was a Brotherism. I think though, most likely she said it to him one time or something when he was younger and it just stuck. So it's a bit of both maybe, a Momism and a Brotherism.

Quite often as we got settled into bed, it would start. My Brother would call out to our Mom (Dad worked away a lot and wasn't home a whole lot in these years) "Come and tuck us up Mom".

Not tuck us in, tuck us up. She would almost always be in the basement watching her evening shows and probably couldn't hear him all that well. But he would call out, and call out. I remember laying in my bed thinking, Come on Mom, just come and tuck him up so he will stop yelling and I can get some sleep! It was the same sentence. Nothing more or less to it, ever. Come and tuck us up Mom. Over and over until she heard him and came. He was relentless, my Brother. He still is most times!

I feel like calling my Brother tonight really late and when he answers yelling "come and tuck us up Mom" and hanging up. Hahaha. He would be so confused and maybe even annoyed. I should totally do it! And it's about time he was kept awake by the sentence "come and tuck us up Mom".

I wonder if my kids have things they would say are uniquely me. Momisms that I  have or say. I can't think of any. Hmmm....interesting.

Are there things that stick out that your Mom always says or does that is uniquely her? Totally just your Mom? A true Momism?

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  1. Obviously I LOVE the story about your brother ;) makes me smile big time. I know one my mom said all the time was don't get too comfortable... we are leaving in ten minutes, or bed time is soon or whatever. I remember one time she said it and I hung half on and half off the couch and said am I uncomfortable enough for you? She laughed and laughed and still talks about it to this day. One of those things you say all the time that doesn't overly make sense, but you still say it. She still says it too by the way. Loved this post!


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