Monday, December 13, 2010

Time is running out!!!

Days until Christmas….

Are you ready? Are you close to being ready? I am really close to being ready. I even have my turkey already in the freezer (thanks to my MIL, she won a nice one in a raffle at a Christmas party and gave it to us to cook for the family on Christmas day)!
I am feeling pretty good, still have the spirit going strong!
A good friend of mine and I spent a whole day baking Christmas treats together last week. It was a very productive day and so nice to spend the day with one of my most favourite people! We made 150 "turtle" chocolates, 4 dozen butter tarts, 4 dozen whipped shortbread cookies and almost 100 chocolate covered peanut butter balls. The peanut butter balls were a first for both of us and turned out great. I took some to a Christmas get together and got alot of compliments on them. If your looking for something a little different (and super yummy) for those without peanut allergies (of course)leave a comment and I will post the recipe!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Abandoned blog, up for rescue?

It appears I abandoned my blog!!! I have decided to make a greater effort to post...even if no-one reads it, it's good for me to just write my little heart out. Feel free to give me nudges now and then if my posts start to fade...

Yay? Time to get your shopping shoes on and get out there and get it done! Go on and brave the crowds at the shopping mall, push your way through the hundreds of shoppers that are wandering around with vacant looks on their faces, oblivious to anyone else or anything that is going on around them. Don’t you just love it? Doesn’t it just fill you right up with Holiday spirit?  It doesn't usually fill me up but this year, I have caught the spirit and am really looking forward to Christmas. Not that I usually hate it or anything but I normally do get really stressed at this time of year (as do so many others!) and sort of wish it was just over already. This year, not so much stress…yet! I have more than half my Christmas list done (23 people on the list, it does get time consuming!) and have only spent about one hour in an actual store for the purpose of getting a Christmas gift! Not bad eh? My secret…I started my shopping at the end of October, Online. Yes, I love online shopping and have not had any bad experiences with it yet. Waiting for a few items to be delivered but not panicking...yet!

Some of my fave purchases so far?

   I found this T-shirt for KingK, he is going to love it because it’s totally true!

(note, this is not KingK wearing the's a Christmas gift, he doesn't have it yet!)

And "Santa" found these for the kids stockings (lucky BigJ still gets all the benifits of Santa as long as he plays along and doesn't rat us out to LittleA, although, we aren't sure if LittleA isn't bluffing us that he still believes in Santa!!!)

For BigJ- He loves bacon and can now have his truck smelling like it...not sure if he will actually put it in his truck but it's still funny to me Santa...

For littleA, who loves pickles and the attention that having a band aid gets him...these will get him even more attention...

It can be so much fun, shopping on line!!! I have more fave purchases but they would make this post way too long!!!
                                         Happy Shopping!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A testosterone filled night out…

LittleA is a huge wrestling fan. In particular, WWE wrestling. I have no idea where he picked up this obsession (and it really is an obsession) or where he even saw it to begin with. No one else in our lives are fans at all and there are definitely no other fans in our house. None the less, he loves it. I wasn’t sure at first if it was “appropriate” for him to be watching but did some research and it is actually PG rated. Most of us (fans or not) are aware that it’s all acting and fake for the most part, do not tell LittleA this, he gets very upset. These people are excellent athletes in his eyes. Funny enough, I agree with him. Some of the “moves” they perform are pretty detailed and complex. The really must practice and rehearse…a lot. They are quite the gymnasts, really!

So the WWE came to our city and he really wanted to go. He and I went to it last summer as well when it was town. Last year when I got the tickets, our plan was that KingK was to take him. Unfortunately a week or so before the big day, KingK had his swimming accident (another reference to this, I really will post about this accident soon so the background is fully there, it might be a long post though!!) and was in the hospital. After throwing the ideas around on who could take him, an Uncle or one of my Cousins or one of many people that offered to take him because we have such great family and friends, we decided I would take him. It was discovered that LittleA really wanted it to be Mom or Dad that took him. So I was enlisted to take him to this event I really had no interest in. We ended up having a great time. Just being there with him, seeing and being a part of his excitement was all I needed to have an awesome time! I lost my voice right along with him, cheering and chanting, not really knowing what I was cheering for!

So this year I looked into getting tickets again in hopes that KingK could take him this time and experience the excitement for himself. Unfortunately we were not able to get tickets that were accessible enough for KingK. He can’t do many stairs or lots of walking and couldn’t get any tickets in seats that didn’t involve a lot of both of these. I know KingK was seriously disappointed and I felt terrible for him (a new reality for us, the limitations for KingK) but someone still had to take the little man to this show…so it was me again. I didn’t mind at all, at least this year I knew what to expect and as expected, we had a great time. This year LittleA made a big poster to hold up for the camera’s (he was so sure his poster would get on TV but sadly, it did not as far as we know).

I never thought in a million years I would be doing these types of things but being the only women in the house of the 3 males I find myself submersed in more male powered stuff than I could have ever imagined and I love it! I was a very girly girl growing up, very into fashion, make up and hairstyles. I still am, although not as much but its fun to be one of the guys sometimes…guys/ boys can be tons of fun and you can totally be yourself with them. I love and appreciate this. I wouldn’t trade my life filled with cars, wrestlers, sports and drums for the world! Who knew I would end up a hockey watching, hard rock listening (BigJ plays the drums to and listens to this kind of music) wrestling Momma!! Oh of course I still painted my nails for the show and packed a few snacks in my designer purse…I am still a girly girl at heart after all!

P.S-I lost my voice again this year…cheering and chanting along with the LittleA and the rest of the crowd. At least this year I knew more about why I was cheering and chanting!

P.S.S- Although I do enjoy taking him, I hope KingK will be able to take him next would mean so much to him!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swiffer sweeper it!!!

I clean, a lot! I love trying new cleaning products and love to share my new finds, tricks and tips with anyone who will listen so you are getting the first of what will be most likely many posts containing my thoughts on all kinds of things!
I love my Swiffer Sweeper vac!!! Now, I am sure most people already have one...why wouldn't you want one? But if by some odd chance you don't...go and get one!!! No more bending down with the silly dust pan, desperately trying to get all the dust particles up the little ramp of the pan and into the garbage without spilling (and always leaving some behind on the floor in the end anyways). No more dust flying up while your sweeping. This brilliant little stick and cloth do it all for you! Vacuum up the bigger stuff but here's a little side note-it doesn't pick up ground beef, I have tried it. Not sure who dropped some spaghetti meat sauce under the table at dinner but it was there...I suspect my Mom (who was staying with us while recovering from a broken bone in her foot). It was by her chair but I can't be sure!
The small, dusty, fluff stuff is trapped in the sweeping cloth (you do need to buy these separately. I get the "Febreeze" lavender scented ones. I love the smell of them and they aren't super expensive). I run it over the floors after cleaning up the supper dishes and voila, 3 minutes and your done! It does a great job, but you do have to keep in mind that it does not have the power of a regular full sized vacuum so it won't pick up light bright pegs or pennies (how can you tell I have kids?)ground beef as mentioned before or things that your regular vac will but it does pretty well for it's size! It's cordless and charges in a regular outlet with the adapter that it comes with in the starter kit. No AA batteries or anything like that! I have found that I can usually sweep/vac my kitchen (fair sized), bathrooms (we have 3) and our front entry like 3 times at least before it needs to be charged again, although sometimes I just plug it in after I use it, if it needs to be charged or not. This may be reducing the battery life as some say it might but I don't know for sure. I have had it for about a year and it is still holding the charge just fine. I don't have hard wood floors in my house, nor do we have any pets but I would think that this cleaning tool would be fabulous for homes that have pets and or hardwood floors! I have heard that it picks up pet hair really well. Please also note that this a floor sweeper/vacuum but is for hard surfaced floors, not carpet. I tried it on my carpet to just for shits and giggles and it didn't work as I suspected it wouldn't.
For the price (usually between $30-$40 CAD depending on where you look. Also check the if in Canada or website if in US for coupons on this swiffer product and many others!) I will buy another one again in a heartbeat. Inevitably the battery will loose its charge (I have heard rumors that it may happen around the 3 year mark, depending on how often you use it). I will gladly replace it with another one. Making my life easier and a better cleaning job is worth way more than what I paid for the product and it' s refill cloths!!

*** Please note that I was not compensated in anyway for my review of this product ***

Friday, October 15, 2010

Giving blogging a try!

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging!

I am entirely new at this so you I ask for your patience and tips as I go along. Oh and comments, comments always welcome!
I am not sure what will end up on my blog or how often I will be able to post but I do have lots to say most times its just a matter of taking the time to put into a post! Life happens as we all know. We never have enough time in day to get it all done. I have no idea if I will even have anyone reading my blog but it doesn't matter's good to just get it out, right?

Introduction to the key characters in the on going story of my life...

My handsome husband, we'll call him KingK. Not because he is the King of the castle, but purely because we let him believe he is. That's a big part of a happy marriage right? Humoring each other. I give him credit; he humors me almost as much as I humor him. He humors a lot of my "quirks" and I love him for it! I heard a saying years ago that I have been known to repeat "he wears the pants in the family, I just tell him which pair to wear". KingK and I always get a chuckle from it. Okay, really only I get a chuckle out of it (because it's totally true!) but he doesn't find it very funny. He most likely actually hates it when I say it; perhaps that’s why I say it? That's another part of what makes our marriage a happy one, we purposely torture each other. Don't all couples do this?
He works hard, very hard. Until last year (KingK had a swimming accident in our backyard in August of 2009, broke his neck and was paralyzed. He is recovering better than anyone expected but that's a post of it's own for another day). His job took him away from home 3 weeks out of each month, usually. Another joke we laugh about, the only reason we have made it this long together is because he was never home! Again, probably not so funny as he is not working away much at all these days, and we actually see each other everyday. His clothes are in the closet rather than in a suitcase at the end of the bed. We have been together for almost 15 years and have been married for almost 2. He is a wonderful man, with a good heart. He surprises me just as much as I can predict him!

Enter, our oldest son, from this point on referred to as BigJ. A complex 17 year old boy. I say complex because he is a mystery to us most times. He doesn't say much, generally and rarely shows emotion. I seem to be able to get him to talk more than anyone, which makes me feel very privileged! He is pretty soft spoken. For the most part if he could just fade into the background and have people not notice him, he would really prefer that. But in saying that, he is not lacking in confidence as you might think with someone as shy as he is. He is very confident. I think that his confidence is why he is able to stay back from the crowd. He doesn't feel like he needs to be in the centre of everything or need people to like him or accept him. He truly likes who is and is very comfortable with himself. It’s hard to explain, does that make any sense? Anyways, he has a part time job, is in grade 12 and he recently got his license and his own vehicle. You'll probably hear about this a bit from time to time, I am not totally comfortable with his new independence, how he is changing and him being on the road just yet! He has never been into any trouble really, other than forging my signature once in grade 6. Really and truly, he's a great kid young man. That or he's a great actor, and or KingK and I are totally naive! BigJ plays the drums in a band he and his friends have put together and as of a month ago, has gotten himself a girlfriend. His first one. I have not met her yet. I don't know that I want to. I am sure she is sweet, but she's stealing my baby, the little tart! I know, in reality she's not stealing him, it's not that serious but this is the first of what could many little tarts that will try and convince him that they love him more than anyone could. Back off, little one-Mama Bear will attack!!! Yea, I have issues with the fact that I have 2 boys and I know how it goes with that. They will get married/shacked up and the wife's family will get all the holidays, see the grandkids more and all that fun stuff. It's the way it goes. I know. I will find a way to cope. Eventually!

On to LittleA. Our youngest son who is 10. LittleA is almost the exact opposite of BigJ. He loves to be the centre of attention. He craves it. He has such a need to be liked that it unsettles me, even. He is a happy, friendly little guy who will chat with anyone. He is our little love baby. He loves to be hugged and cuddled...still! This he gets from KingK who needs lots of attention and hugs and cuddles as well. BigJ and I are much less "maintenance". We are affectionate but very selective as to who will give and receive affection from. We don't need constant attention and in fact don't like too much of it. LittleA is also complex (of course, aren't we all really?). He is obsessed with WWE wrestling so you would think is a rough and tumble kid right? Nope, not at all. He likes to watch it but that's it. He is a super sensitive, caring little boy. He has an incredible mind for all things geography and astounds anyone who witnesses how much he knows about the world. What they eat, the weather, Volcanoes in the area, all kinds of facts about places all over the world. Give him a country, province or state and he will tell you the capital and tons of random facts about the place. He started this when he was like 6 or so. His room is decorated in WWE (wrestling), maps and globes. He is a great kid too. Our little family needed him; he definitely added a jolt of color to our canvas! No troubles from him...yet...there's still time right? Knock on wood!
So there are the main characters. Of course we have many cast members, MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL (of course is Mother in law, Father in law, Sister in law, Brother in law-KingK is the oldest of 3 kids, he has a younger brother and Sister) my bro and his wife (I only have one sibling, an older brother), 2 Nieces (my bro's children,whom I adore ), my parents (divorced, when I was 11 my Dad remarried a few years after my parents divorced). We can call my Dad’s wife, “my Dad’s wife” since we have another Step Mother in law already. BigK’s dad is remarried as well. We will call his wife SMIL (Step-Mother in Law). We have lots of friends and a rather large extended family. You know, the usual suspects.

We have a mortgage, vehicle payments and the rest of that great grown up stuff. KingK and I both work full time. We have a good life; not always smooth sailing but who has smooth sailing, if you’re actually being honest? If life was easy, you wouldn’t learn anything right? We plug our way through life, hopefully learning as much as we teach along the way!