Friday, December 3, 2010

Abandoned blog, up for rescue?

It appears I abandoned my blog!!! I have decided to make a greater effort to post...even if no-one reads it, it's good for me to just write my little heart out. Feel free to give me nudges now and then if my posts start to fade...

Yay? Time to get your shopping shoes on and get out there and get it done! Go on and brave the crowds at the shopping mall, push your way through the hundreds of shoppers that are wandering around with vacant looks on their faces, oblivious to anyone else or anything that is going on around them. Don’t you just love it? Doesn’t it just fill you right up with Holiday spirit?  It doesn't usually fill me up but this year, I have caught the spirit and am really looking forward to Christmas. Not that I usually hate it or anything but I normally do get really stressed at this time of year (as do so many others!) and sort of wish it was just over already. This year, not so much stress…yet! I have more than half my Christmas list done (23 people on the list, it does get time consuming!) and have only spent about one hour in an actual store for the purpose of getting a Christmas gift! Not bad eh? My secret…I started my shopping at the end of October, Online. Yes, I love online shopping and have not had any bad experiences with it yet. Waiting for a few items to be delivered but not panicking...yet!

Some of my fave purchases so far?

   I found this T-shirt for KingK, he is going to love it because it’s totally true!

(note, this is not KingK wearing the's a Christmas gift, he doesn't have it yet!)

And "Santa" found these for the kids stockings (lucky BigJ still gets all the benifits of Santa as long as he plays along and doesn't rat us out to LittleA, although, we aren't sure if LittleA isn't bluffing us that he still believes in Santa!!!)

For BigJ- He loves bacon and can now have his truck smelling like it...not sure if he will actually put it in his truck but it's still funny to me Santa...

For littleA, who loves pickles and the attention that having a band aid gets him...these will get him even more attention...

It can be so much fun, shopping on line!!! I have more fave purchases but they would make this post way too long!!!
                                         Happy Shopping!!!!

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