Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mop & Glo...No no no!

So I recently had this great idea to wax my floors with Mop & Glo floor wax. I remember years ago my Mom telling me to never use it as it wasn't worth the trouble. But in my infinite wisdom I thought that surely whatever the issue was years ago, they must have fixed the formula or whatever as people are still using it.
My floors always look dull to me (they are linoleum and oh so plain and boring!). So I decided, to heck with it. I am going to wax them. The only floor wax I found on the shelf at my Wal-Mart was Mop & Glo. I grabbed it and went on my merry way.
I washed my floors as soon as I got home, scrubbed them really good (on my hands and knees y'all-it took forever!) to make sure they were clean. And I did it. I poured the wax on the floors and again on my hands and knees and spread it evenly section by section (again y'all on my hands and knees, it took a while!). I did all the uncarpeted floors in my home. This means 3 bathrooms, my fair sized kitchen and eating area. My front entry and laundry room.
And oh it looked so nice!  I actually liked the look of my floors, so shiny, so pretty!
Fast forward 2 weeks and after a few times of washing my nice shiny floors with a mop and my regular cleaner I am noticing it feels sticky even though I know they are totally clean. And the shine is gone, which I expected that it would fade of course! I wash them with a few different cleaners and they are still sticky. And they are getting dirtier quicker, the dirt is getting caught in the sticky residue. It's a nightmare. Really, it's awful. I just finished googling how to get this residue off my floor and guess what? I find pages of reviews and warnings about Mop & Glo and this exact issue!
Tonight, I am heading back to Wal-Mart to get litres of Windex as I have read mixed with water it will finally be the product to take this disgusting Mop & Glo residue off my floors.
And again it's the same old story...I should have listened to my Mom!
Stay away from Mop & Glo...google it...listen to me...listen to my Mom...it's not worth the trouble!
Have you used Mop & Glo and had the same experience? Have you used it and had a good experience? Any tips on another way to get my lino floors looking better without Mop & Glo or replacing them?