Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Apologies and a pause

I am just gonna say it. I might have to "shelf" the blog for a while. Clearly, I just don't get to posting as often as I should and while I do have lot's to report, thoughts to share and plenty of words I could be typing...I just don't get to it.
It's not that I do love blogging or you, I guess I am just lovin other things more these days.
So, here is what I am thinking. I will check back in the New Year okay? I am giving myself the rest of the year to decide if blogging still fits or not. Consider Wishes won't wash dishes just on official pause for now, mmmmkay?

But while I am here I thought I would leave you with a unique product I stumbled across recently.

Black toilet paper...
I came across this at Walmart. Maybe it's not so strange or new but it was for me. I pondered picking up a pack but had second thoughts. I dunno... is it weird? Is it cool? Not sure! It would match my bathroom though.

Here's the details:
  • Very soft and absorbent
  • Lightly scented with a woody aroma
  • 6 roll pack 3-ply base sheet
  • 140 sheets per roll
  • 100% virgin pulp
  • Tested under dermatological and gynaecological control
  • Colourfast for its intended use
  • Safe for sewer and septic system

I can't remember how much it cost, sorry!

And that's me...over and out for a while...

And a huge Happy Holidays to you if I don't talk to you before Christmas!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rolling into October


So a few days late but here is my October to do list. You may notice I took painting the bedside tables off for this month. I took a look at my calendar saw all the things coming up this month and got a little real with myself. There are far more pressing things I  should be doing (who I am kidding though, they probably wouldn't get done anyways, ha!). Nobody ever goes into my room except of course KingK and I really (of course except BigJ and LittleA the odd occasion. Like when BigJ  "borrows" KingK's shaving cream from our en suite bathroom. Which he never returns and it drives KingK nuts! Or when he comes into our bathroom to weigh himself. Which I never realized he did all the time until the other day. Or when we find LittleA's socks randomly in our room. This is a tip off that he has made himself cozy in our bed watching TV after school and ditches his socks, wherever and whenever! I think it's kind of weird, I never went into my parents room. He says he loves our duvet so I got him one of his own. Apparently its not as "fluffy" as ours. Funny little duck he is.) I doubt KingK cares that the night stands are still not painted. I don't even think he knows that I think they should be painted.

Shampoo all the carpeted stairs in the house
Wash all blinds in the house
Buy/make 3 Christmas presents
Try 3 more new recipes
Print pictures for 3 photo frames
Hang said filled photo frames
Until next time...
Oh my, this makes me laugh so hard! Maybe it shouldn't but it totally does!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Mash up

Okay, I have said it before and i will say it again. I am seriously sucking at blogging. I am sorry.
Here's another attempt.
A Monday mash up of stuff.

So let's get this started!

I never did report on my August progress or make a to do list for September. I told you I suck at this.
Well better late than not at all right?

So in August I planned to:

  • Paint bedside tables
  • Clean out kitchen pantries
  • Continue to maintain the flowerbeds and keep them weed free
  • Clean out storage room
  • Have garage sale
  • Spend day with dear friend T helping her set up a website and blog
  • Make 3 new supper recipes
  • Finish power washing the outside of windows
  • Take Mom on a picnic
And here is what actually happened:

  • Clean out kitchen pantries-done!
  •  Have garage sale-I actually had 2 of them!
  • Spend day with dear friend T helping her set up a website and blog-didn't do her blog or website but we did spend a lovely day together just chatting on my deck and she stayed for dinner so I am counting it!
  • Make 3 new supper recipes-made probably double that in new recipes-yay me!
  • Take Mom on a picnic-we didn't end up having a picnic but we did spend a day shopping around for new furniture for her and had lunch. So again, I am counting it!
 So sad...those poor bedside tables are still unpainted. They did not get painted in September either.
I didn't even get to a September to do list. I will however post an October one tomorrow, I promise (this is more for myself than you right?)

What else? Ummmm...oh yeah,I love this:

Cool right?

And hmmmm what else?

I am scheduling a haircut (not exactly breaking news huh?) what I want to do to my hair:

What will actually probably happen cause I will chicken out:

A simple trim. I am so boring!
Well, that's enough randomness for today...
see ya tomorrow!