Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

My kidlets are not so little anymore. In fact, they are too old and too tall to be called kidlets anymore. But I still call them that from time to time. Yes, I am one of those sad Mom's who struggles with the aging of her children. I try to rein it in and keep the struggle internal but it bubbles over sometimes. I can't help it.

My oldest is now 19. He no longer trick or treats, of course. He stopped somewhere around the age of 14. The deal I made with him when he turned 13 was that if he wanted a costume and wanted to continue to go out trick or treating, he would have to pay for the costume himself. And, he had to put effort into it or he couldn't go. You see, I have issues with these teenagers that come to my door with a silly mask on and nothing else or nothing at all. I really don't like giving them candy. Not if they aren't even willing to put a bit of effort into it. And if they are clearly past the age that they should be trick or treating, I tell them I have no candy for them. I don't lie and say I am out of candy. I tell them I don't have any for them. They take it as I am out of candy. Whatever. Bottom line is that to me, the fun of trick or treating is basically for the ages of 12 and under.
My youngest son is now 12. This is the last year I will pay for a costume for him. In fact, this year the costume he chose cost $75.00. In my opinion, too much for a one time affair. So, I am a monster of a Mom. I agreed to pay half of the cost. If he wanted the costume he had to pay the other half. He agreed. This is the costume he got...
Lightweight Unisex Penquin Costume
(in his size, not adult of course!)

It is a really nice costume. Hopefully we can find another use or person to pass it on to. It's a pretty cool costume and made pretty well!

 Okay, back to topic. I think that age 13 is really pushing it and by 14, the trick or treating train should screech to a halt. Enough is enough. You are too old at this point. Time to start helping your parents with the handing out of candy. But let me just add, that this does not mean you should now just prowl the neighborhood, smashing pumpkins and creating havoc. Don't be a dumbass. Just sayin.

Do you agree? What age to do you think is too old for trick or treating? Am I way out too lunch on this?

Oh and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The no-spend day challenge

Where does all our money go?  I ask myself this all the time. KingK and I are have decent jobs, we are comfortable. And yet, as the month goes on and I see the state of bank account, I am always surprised. Where the heck does the money go?  We pay our regular bills and all but we should have more left over by the next payday than we do.We don't make big extravagant purchases. no new electronics or furniture or big renovations or anything! Neither of us really do much shopping each week other than for groceries and the odd thing needed around the house. We don't have extensive wardrobes and nor do our children. We have what we need and it's fair quality stuff but nothing crazy expensive. We aren't extravagant with the kids either. They have what they need and on holidays and birthdays get decent gifts but not a ton of spending in between really.
So... where.does.the.money.go? I have been throwing around the idea of tracking our daily spending and have talked the to KingK about it. We have established a dollar value we think is very manageable to get through the weeks between paydays. I have set it in an account that will only be used for this purpose. The amount of money we decided on is in this account and there is nothing more in it. That is our monthly spending money. Our bills and house costs will come out of a different account.  And we are really going to try and stick to it because I have a really good idea where the cash is going each month. No different than many people out there I am guessing. Silly little spends that really add up! Little trips into the convenience store on the way to work for a drink and a treat. Stopping again on the way home for something we totally didn't need. And eating out for lunch a few times a week and more than necessary dinner's out as well. We don't eat out for dinner a tonne but more than we should. Going to the grocery store without a list...never works well for me either. Plan ahead. I used to be so diligent with it, what happened?  I always overspend when I don't go with a list! So basically, our laziness is costing us money. And it needs to stop. In addition to keeping track of the spending, budgeting our monthly spending and putting it aside from our regular monthly bill money, I have also decided to challenge myself and KingK to no spend days. Days we spend no money at all! It can be done, I have my share of these days but would like more! So, here's my idea. Plan a weeks worth of meals and snacks and buy all the needed groceries for the week so I am not stopping at the store at all during the week, for anything! This includes the drinks and little treats we may be tempted to stop at the local 7/11 to get while driving by. Everyone knows they are up charged at the convenience stores and cheaper at the grocery store anyway! Fill up the vehicles with gas on Sunday so we have gas for the week. Anything I can plan for a week at a time I will. And then, the challenge. Have more no spend days in a week than spend days. I am excited! I know I can do this a need to get KingK excited about it as well. No spend days will be awesome for our bank account!

Could you do it? Do you do it now? Want to take the challenge with me?

Here's to lot's of no spend days!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love winter, I love winter, I love winter...convincing myself...I love winter

It has become very cold and snowy in my city over the last few days. The weatherman told us it was coming, so I can’t say we weren’t warned. It doesn’t make it any less of a shock though when we actually feel that cold air chill us to the bones. And it doesn’t make the commuting and the roads any less frustrating or at some points any less downright dangerous. But I am trying to stay positive and really trying to see what pro’s there are in every situation. So here is my list of pro’s about winter…. I will keep repeating these as it gets colder and hopefully add more to the list!


1) Less flying insects outside

2) No more weeding the garden

3) Using the fireplace in our living room in the evenings

4) Seeing all the beautiful decorated homes with all the Christmas lights

5) The beautiful sound of kid’s laughter as the sled (or toboggan as some call it) down the snow covered hills

And so far, that's it, That's all I can think of!
Do you have any pros about winter to add to my list? I would love to hear them!!! All you winter lovers out there...sell me on winter!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why I think hot tubs are gross

Some people love em, me? I certainly don’t. I think hot tubs are gross.

Yeah, I said it.

I do a very good job of staying out them.

What are my issues with hot tubs?

1) Really hot water that makes a lot of people sweat. Some people sweat a lot  (you sit in the sweat water, sounds awesome right, other peoples sweat as well as your own).

2) When your warm and wet, dead skin seems to come off easier (awww yeah….sitting in sweat water full of others people dead skin plus your own, so relaxing).

3) Hair also seems to fall out easier in warm water, all kinds of hair (enough said on that, also soooo awesome to sit in, mixed with the already present sweat and dead skin).

4) Sitting near naked (some people go in naked) with strangers, usually in very close proximity (awkward and kinda creepy).

5) Sitting near naked (some people go in naked) with friends and family, usually in very close proximity (awkward and totally creepy).

Maybe I would be fine with it if it was my hot tub and only my husband and I used it. Then I might go in it…very occasionally. Most of my issues are hygiene related really but I do think modesty is not always a bad thing, no matter how close you are to that person (other than your spouse of course!). They will never look at you the same after seeing you naked or near naked. No matter what they say or how drunk you all might have been.

Even if the hot tub owner cleans it regularly and all that good stuff, the moment one person steps in it…sweat, dead skin and hair are now present. Enjoy your soak.

Don't even get me started on festering boils, open soars and various skin problems that may be sitting beside you in the hot tub...ones you can and can not see. Yeah, even on people you think you know really well...