Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

My kidlets are not so little anymore. In fact, they are too old and too tall to be called kidlets anymore. But I still call them that from time to time. Yes, I am one of those sad Mom's who struggles with the aging of her children. I try to rein it in and keep the struggle internal but it bubbles over sometimes. I can't help it.

My oldest is now 19. He no longer trick or treats, of course. He stopped somewhere around the age of 14. The deal I made with him when he turned 13 was that if he wanted a costume and wanted to continue to go out trick or treating, he would have to pay for the costume himself. And, he had to put effort into it or he couldn't go. You see, I have issues with these teenagers that come to my door with a silly mask on and nothing else or nothing at all. I really don't like giving them candy. Not if they aren't even willing to put a bit of effort into it. And if they are clearly past the age that they should be trick or treating, I tell them I have no candy for them. I don't lie and say I am out of candy. I tell them I don't have any for them. They take it as I am out of candy. Whatever. Bottom line is that to me, the fun of trick or treating is basically for the ages of 12 and under.
My youngest son is now 12. This is the last year I will pay for a costume for him. In fact, this year the costume he chose cost $75.00. In my opinion, too much for a one time affair. So, I am a monster of a Mom. I agreed to pay half of the cost. If he wanted the costume he had to pay the other half. He agreed. This is the costume he got...
Lightweight Unisex Penquin Costume
(in his size, not adult of course!)

It is a really nice costume. Hopefully we can find another use or person to pass it on to. It's a pretty cool costume and made pretty well!

 Okay, back to topic. I think that age 13 is really pushing it and by 14, the trick or treating train should screech to a halt. Enough is enough. You are too old at this point. Time to start helping your parents with the handing out of candy. But let me just add, that this does not mean you should now just prowl the neighborhood, smashing pumpkins and creating havoc. Don't be a dumbass. Just sayin.

Do you agree? What age to do you think is too old for trick or treating? Am I way out too lunch on this?

Oh and Happy Halloween!


  1. Totally agree. 12 is the age I support as well. When they enter their teen years they need to find something else to do in place of trick-or-treating. As for Mr. Penguin costume, I'll buy it off you. Ya?

    Your #1 fan!

  2. That costume is soooo cute!!! I agree with you.... but.... I'm a softy..... I let them go until the end of junior high, but high school is it. Big Sis bamboozled us last year saying that she had a friend from Mexico that had never been - yadda, yadda, yadda and we let her go which in the end she never went with this poor Mexican friend of hers.... So this year it was a no go, no way and she was NOT happy and informed us when she was grown and living on her own she would be trick treating........


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