Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am still around!

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know I am still alive and kicking. I probably won't be blogging for a bit. Nothing bad going on, no major crisis. The pace has picked up at work and at home so I am on unofficial hiatus from blogging for now (I might try to pop in but I can't say for sure!).

KingK also has family arriving in a few days from Belfast, N.Ireland so we will be hangin with with them for a few weeks. I am really looking forward to it!

Stay well my friends. I might still pop into your blogs if I can, just so I am not totally out of the loop!

Stay awesome!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friday Find

This Friday find is related to something I just love...sleeping! I came across this on Pinterest. I couldn't get the pin to load on my blog so I had to do this freestyle.
I tried it last night and it seemed to be pretty correct. I timed when I went to bed, giving myself the 14 minutes to fall asleep. I sleep pretty soundly and don't wake up easily. Little bumps in the night and things like the phone ringing rarely wake me up once I am asleep. But I heard the phone ringing this morning. When I looked at the clock, I was right at the end of a sleep cycle (according to this website). I think this might be why I actually heard it. And I woke up alert and not groggy or cranky-this a big deal! And, it was earlier than I would normally have gotten up on a non work day (I took this whole week off, yay!) but I was wide awake and feeling good, so I got up. Yes, I got up. This is not normal. I like to sleep. And I really like to sleep in. I had nothing pressing to do this morning so I could have just gone back to sleep. So I am going to keep trying this, it's really cool that you can enter what time you need to get up and it will tell you the best times to go to bed. 

click the pic to get to the bedtime calculator

            Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Do you wake up groggy and it takes a while to get going? You might be waking up mid cycle. Give it a try and let me know what you think!  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random confession

What makes people attractive to you? And I don't mean their personality, we all know that is the deciding factor. I mean that physical thing that you notice about someone that you immediately like. That little thing that attracts you to someone.
Married, dating or single-we all know that there is that little thing that attracts you to people. I am not talking I am going to go and get me some extra marital affair type stuff.  I mean just a little something something that you like. Nothing scandalous!
For me, I have to confess, it's big hands. Some people look at eyes or a smile...I look at hands. A man with nice big strong hands. Yeah, I like it! And the cherry on top...guys that wear rings on their thumbs. I just dig it. I have no explanation. I have just always found it sexy. Hello, Mr.Sexy big hands with a thumb ring!
We all got our quirks and that's one of mine.
Another thing you probably didn't need or want to know.
Again, your welcome.
What's that one thing that you find attractive or dare I say...hot?

Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Day house cleaning challenge

I am in Spring Cleaning mode, again...or is is still? And to keep me motivated I am taking this 30 day house cleaning challenge during the month of April. Feel free to join in or find out more here at The Money Saving Mom site. Need a little motivation to get you going and keep you going? Challenge yourself! I have to tweak this of course because I work out of the home full time and don't have enough time (or often the energy if I am being honest) in the evenings when I get home to do some of this stuff. I might have to add a few more things onto the weekend days and any other days I might get off this month but it will all even out.
Since today is April 1, I am starting today, like right now. Thank goodness day 1 of the challenge happens to fall on a day I actually have off work so I can hit the ground running!

via Themoneysavingmom.com

Wish me luck! And let me know if you decide to take the challenge or if you are doing something else to get your spring cleaning done, please share! I am always looking for tips and ideas!