Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random confession

What makes people attractive to you? And I don't mean their personality, we all know that is the deciding factor. I mean that physical thing that you notice about someone that you immediately like. That little thing that attracts you to someone.
Married, dating or single-we all know that there is that little thing that attracts you to people. I am not talking I am going to go and get me some extra marital affair type stuff.  I mean just a little something something that you like. Nothing scandalous!
For me, I have to confess, it's big hands. Some people look at eyes or a smile...I look at hands. A man with nice big strong hands. Yeah, I like it! And the cherry on top...guys that wear rings on their thumbs. I just dig it. I have no explanation. I have just always found it sexy. Hello, Mr.Sexy big hands with a thumb ring!
We all got our quirks and that's one of mine.
Another thing you probably didn't need or want to know.
Again, your welcome.
What's that one thing that you find attractive or dare I


  1. My confession... In men I'd say, big strong shoulders or the smile. In women, the overall look of warmth and friendliness on their face.


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