Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Day house cleaning challenge

I am in Spring Cleaning mode, again...or is is still? And to keep me motivated I am taking this 30 day house cleaning challenge during the month of April. Feel free to join in or find out more here at The Money Saving Mom site. Need a little motivation to get you going and keep you going? Challenge yourself! I have to tweak this of course because I work out of the home full time and don't have enough time (or often the energy if I am being honest) in the evenings when I get home to do some of this stuff. I might have to add a few more things onto the weekend days and any other days I might get off this month but it will all even out.
Since today is April 1, I am starting today, like right now. Thank goodness day 1 of the challenge happens to fall on a day I actually have off work so I can hit the ground running!


Wish me luck! And let me know if you decide to take the challenge or if you are doing something else to get your spring cleaning done, please share! I am always looking for tips and ideas!


  1. Nice, you got it all figured out.. It's easier to clean when you are organized.

  2. Well I printed the list out... that's a start right??? Time will tell how the rest goes.....


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