Thursday, August 1, 2013

On with August! is officially August.
Here's how I did on my July to do list:

  • Clean out both pantries in kitchen
  • Seed and weed both the front and back lawn-Done!
  • Paint bedside tables
  • Power wash outside of all the house windows-1/2 done, it started raining and I couldn't finish :(
  • Power wash the front porch-Done!
  • Plant flowers in the planters on front porch and back deck-Done!
  • Have coffee with dear friend-Done!

    So a good portion of the list done which is not bad considering I made the list on July 25th  and only gave myself a week which actually is cut down to pretty much 3 days cause I am not gonna lie, when you don't get home from work until like 6:00pm and you still have to make dinner, visit with your family, clean up from dinner, make lunches for the next day and try and get to bed at a decent hour, there isn't much time for projects. Not during the week for this gal! Maybe I am lazy but I just don't have it to me to do much other than keeping up with the day to day stuff on weekday evenings.
    Oh and I came down with a nasty cold over the weekend as well which slowed me down. It didn't keep me in bed until yesterday. It came to full force yesterday, I was a snotty, feverish hacking mess yesterday and did not get out of bed. Nasty.

    Anyway, so sad-the bedside tables remain naked. Unpainted and neglected still. Maybe in August!
    And the pantries are still need some attention. I wil carry this over to August as well.

    And now for the August list:

    • Paint bedside tables
    • Clean out kitchen pantries
    • Continue to maintain the flowerbeds and keep them weed free
    • Clean out storage room
    • Have garage sale
    • Spend day with dear friend T helping her set up a website and blog
    • Make 3 new supper recipes
    • Finish power washing the outside of windows
    • Take Mom on a picnic
                                                         Cheers to a productive month!!!


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    1. You did awesome!!! Wow! Sorry to hear about the cold - also you're not lazy!! I get home at five an hour earlier than you and pretty much just manage to keep up with the day to day stuff too! Or maybe we're both lazy???? Hummm never thought of that!!


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