Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making myself accountable...

I have been inspired by Jamie (you should totally check out her blog here, she's a fantastic writer and its a lovely blog! ) to do a monthly to do list and post it here to make my self accountable.

I have been meaning to do this for months and never got around to it. So you can see how bad I am at getting things done. I can't even get the list done!

So here I am, posting my list in hopes that it motivate me to get things done.

July is almost over but I have come up with a little list of things I hope to get done mainly this weekend, I guess since that's about all the time I have left in July. This whole having a full time job outside the home really gets in the way of getting things done at home during the week!

  • Clean out both pantries in kitchen
  • Seed and weed both the front and back lawn
  • Paint bedside tables
  • Power wash outside of all the house windows
  • Power wash the front porch
  • Plant flowers in the planters on front porch and back deck
  • Have coffee with dear friend

Now I realize it's a little late in the summer to be planting annuals but I just havent had the chance yet this summer and I figure, better late then never!

Same for seeding. I have to add though, that I already seeded once this year. However, with a neighbor that does no weed control, at all, EVER and has no almost zero grass left (it's all weeds at this point) we need to keep reseeding and trying to push the weeds that are crawling over from their lawn onto ours. We figure the thicker our grass is, the less room for weeds? If you have a better idea, PLEASE share. We have spent hours and a fair amount of money trying to ward off the weed investation that is our neighbors lawn. Weed killer, seeding. pulling weeds, fertalizing...the list goes on. It's so fustrating!

And a quick note on the bedside tables. We have had them for about 7 years. We baught them new and they are unpainted wood. My intention was to paint them like the weekend after we got them...did I mention that was like 7 years ago?  So sad.

And lastly coffee with a dear friend. This friend I get chatting and can chat for hours. We want to try and get together every other week for coffee. I really hope we can stick to that, I really enjoy our chats!

And that's the plan...

Over and out.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Your list is great - you will be very fruitful this weekend!! :)


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