Monday, December 13, 2010

Time is running out!!!

Days until Christmas….

Are you ready? Are you close to being ready? I am really close to being ready. I even have my turkey already in the freezer (thanks to my MIL, she won a nice one in a raffle at a Christmas party and gave it to us to cook for the family on Christmas day)!
I am feeling pretty good, still have the spirit going strong!
A good friend of mine and I spent a whole day baking Christmas treats together last week. It was a very productive day and so nice to spend the day with one of my most favourite people! We made 150 "turtle" chocolates, 4 dozen butter tarts, 4 dozen whipped shortbread cookies and almost 100 chocolate covered peanut butter balls. The peanut butter balls were a first for both of us and turned out great. I took some to a Christmas get together and got alot of compliments on them. If your looking for something a little different (and super yummy) for those without peanut allergies (of course)leave a comment and I will post the recipe!

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