Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swiffer sweeper it!!!

I clean, a lot! I love trying new cleaning products and love to share my new finds, tricks and tips with anyone who will listen so you are getting the first of what will be most likely many posts containing my thoughts on all kinds of things!
I love my Swiffer Sweeper vac!!! Now, I am sure most people already have one...why wouldn't you want one? But if by some odd chance you don't...go and get one!!! No more bending down with the silly dust pan, desperately trying to get all the dust particles up the little ramp of the pan and into the garbage without spilling (and always leaving some behind on the floor in the end anyways). No more dust flying up while your sweeping. This brilliant little stick and cloth do it all for you! Vacuum up the bigger stuff but here's a little side note-it doesn't pick up ground beef, I have tried it. Not sure who dropped some spaghetti meat sauce under the table at dinner but it was there...I suspect my Mom (who was staying with us while recovering from a broken bone in her foot). It was by her chair but I can't be sure!
The small, dusty, fluff stuff is trapped in the sweeping cloth (you do need to buy these separately. I get the "Febreeze" lavender scented ones. I love the smell of them and they aren't super expensive). I run it over the floors after cleaning up the supper dishes and voila, 3 minutes and your done! It does a great job, but you do have to keep in mind that it does not have the power of a regular full sized vacuum so it won't pick up light bright pegs or pennies (how can you tell I have kids?)ground beef as mentioned before or things that your regular vac will but it does pretty well for it's size! It's cordless and charges in a regular outlet with the adapter that it comes with in the starter kit. No AA batteries or anything like that! I have found that I can usually sweep/vac my kitchen (fair sized), bathrooms (we have 3) and our front entry like 3 times at least before it needs to be charged again, although sometimes I just plug it in after I use it, if it needs to be charged or not. This may be reducing the battery life as some say it might but I don't know for sure. I have had it for about a year and it is still holding the charge just fine. I don't have hard wood floors in my house, nor do we have any pets but I would think that this cleaning tool would be fabulous for homes that have pets and or hardwood floors! I have heard that it picks up pet hair really well. Please also note that this a floor sweeper/vacuum but is for hard surfaced floors, not carpet. I tried it on my carpet to just for shits and giggles and it didn't work as I suspected it wouldn't.
For the price (usually between $30-$40 CAD depending on where you look. Also check the if in Canada or website if in US for coupons on this swiffer product and many others!) I will buy another one again in a heartbeat. Inevitably the battery will loose its charge (I have heard rumors that it may happen around the 3 year mark, depending on how often you use it). I will gladly replace it with another one. Making my life easier and a better cleaning job is worth way more than what I paid for the product and it' s refill cloths!!

*** Please note that I was not compensated in anyway for my review of this product ***

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