Monday, October 25, 2010

A testosterone filled night out…

LittleA is a huge wrestling fan. In particular, WWE wrestling. I have no idea where he picked up this obsession (and it really is an obsession) or where he even saw it to begin with. No one else in our lives are fans at all and there are definitely no other fans in our house. None the less, he loves it. I wasn’t sure at first if it was “appropriate” for him to be watching but did some research and it is actually PG rated. Most of us (fans or not) are aware that it’s all acting and fake for the most part, do not tell LittleA this, he gets very upset. These people are excellent athletes in his eyes. Funny enough, I agree with him. Some of the “moves” they perform are pretty detailed and complex. The really must practice and rehearse…a lot. They are quite the gymnasts, really!

So the WWE came to our city and he really wanted to go. He and I went to it last summer as well when it was town. Last year when I got the tickets, our plan was that KingK was to take him. Unfortunately a week or so before the big day, KingK had his swimming accident (another reference to this, I really will post about this accident soon so the background is fully there, it might be a long post though!!) and was in the hospital. After throwing the ideas around on who could take him, an Uncle or one of my Cousins or one of many people that offered to take him because we have such great family and friends, we decided I would take him. It was discovered that LittleA really wanted it to be Mom or Dad that took him. So I was enlisted to take him to this event I really had no interest in. We ended up having a great time. Just being there with him, seeing and being a part of his excitement was all I needed to have an awesome time! I lost my voice right along with him, cheering and chanting, not really knowing what I was cheering for!

So this year I looked into getting tickets again in hopes that KingK could take him this time and experience the excitement for himself. Unfortunately we were not able to get tickets that were accessible enough for KingK. He can’t do many stairs or lots of walking and couldn’t get any tickets in seats that didn’t involve a lot of both of these. I know KingK was seriously disappointed and I felt terrible for him (a new reality for us, the limitations for KingK) but someone still had to take the little man to this show…so it was me again. I didn’t mind at all, at least this year I knew what to expect and as expected, we had a great time. This year LittleA made a big poster to hold up for the camera’s (he was so sure his poster would get on TV but sadly, it did not as far as we know).

I never thought in a million years I would be doing these types of things but being the only women in the house of the 3 males I find myself submersed in more male powered stuff than I could have ever imagined and I love it! I was a very girly girl growing up, very into fashion, make up and hairstyles. I still am, although not as much but its fun to be one of the guys sometimes…guys/ boys can be tons of fun and you can totally be yourself with them. I love and appreciate this. I wouldn’t trade my life filled with cars, wrestlers, sports and drums for the world! Who knew I would end up a hockey watching, hard rock listening (BigJ plays the drums to and listens to this kind of music) wrestling Momma!! Oh of course I still painted my nails for the show and packed a few snacks in my designer purse…I am still a girly girl at heart after all!

P.S-I lost my voice again this year…cheering and chanting along with the LittleA and the rest of the crowd. At least this year I knew more about why I was cheering and chanting!

P.S.S- Although I do enjoy taking him, I hope KingK will be able to take him next would mean so much to him!

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