Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A day in the life

Life in our house is rarely boring. There is usually something odd happening. I sometimes sit back at the end of a day and laugh at somethings that go on. We roll with the punches and love to torment each other. That's family.

Hear is a snippet of something that happened last week.

I am in the kitchen, making dinner on the main floor of our home.
KingK and LittleA are upstairs. KingK in our bedroom changing out of his work clothes and LittleA in his own room.

I hear...

"Mom, Dad threw your panties at me"

Without hesitation I respond "I am sure they are clean, don't worry"

LittleA calls out to me again.

"Mooooommmm...Dad threw your panties at me".

I repeat. " I am sure they are clean, don't worry about it."

And then I take a minute to think. I am sure he wouldn't throw my underwear at him if they weren't a clean pair...or would he? I abandon my dinner making and take the stairs two at a time to investigate the situation.

At the top of the stairs, I am at the door of LittleA's room. He is sitting on the chair in his room, surrounded by a pair of my panties and what looks like the entire contents of one my drawers.
I start gathering the items and reassuring LittleA that the panties are indeed clean ones.

On his floor I find every bathing suit I own (a few of these are bikinis even. Never been worn mind you but I have a few), a few pairs of pantyhose, a few bra's...

As I am grabbing all the items off the floor. I call out to KingK,

"Did you dump my entire drawer in his room?"

"Yup" he replies simply.

LittleA grumbles and says." He even threw your Spanx at me."

Observations and questions that only now come to mind after reading what I wrote:

-I never asked KingK why he did it. Things like that this just happen at our house. I also wasn't freaked out or embarrassed that my bathing suits and what not were scattered on LittleA's bedroom floor. I am not a shy person or a sensitive one. Sensitivity in our house is pretty impossible. I like it this way.
-I didn't flinch or get even annoyed when the first report was made of my panties been tossed at my youngest son. There is something really wrong with that. I have been so desensitized living with boys!
-I scooped up the articles, put them back in the drawer, and went back to making dinner.
-KingK carried on with what he was doing.
-LittleA barely looked up from TV he was watching in his room through out all of this.
-We are so used to this kind of stuff, we barely flinch anymore.
-LittleA knows what Spanx are, at that I have some. A girl (me, the only girl) has few secrets in our house.
-Yes, I have Spanx. I most of the time can't be bothered to wear them or forget I even have them but there, I said it. I have some.

Do a lot of funny shenanigans happen in your house?
Are you easily embarrassed?
The big question, do you own a pair of Spanx?
(there is no shame in wanting to keep your wobbly bits contained, most of us have wobbly bits, let's face it!).

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