Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random confession

Another rando...

We all take short cuts, as Mom's, as Wives, and as busy sometimes lazy humans in general. It's okay. We aren't perfect. And you are not expected to be. Did you know that? Holy Crap right? Spread the word, tell your friends. None of us are perfect. Breaking news!

My confession? My dirty little secret?

I don't iron clothes. I would rather clean all 3 toilets in my house with a toothbrush than iron clothes. I suck at it and avoid it at all costs. My Mom is awesome at it. She even enjoys it. She has shown me several times how to properly do it. As much as I appreciate her efforts, I just don't have the patience for it.
When my oldest son bigJ was around 8 years old a situation came up where I was left no option but to iron a pair of pants. Dire situations call for drastic measures, I tell ya. I can't remember why it was so dire but I can assure you it must have been very serious. So I lug out the ironing board. BigJ is alerted by the loud creaky sound it made as I set it up. He walks around it and eagerly asks "what is that?". I tell him it's an ironing board. He asks "what do you do with it?". This is a true story folks. It is a sad but true story. He was 8 and had not once seen me iron.
So yeah, it does not happen in our house very often. Wrinkly clothes? Shove em  in the dryer. Hang em in the bathroom while you are showering and hope the wrinkles steam out. Or spray them with water and smooth them out with your hand. Oh and Downy has a great spray. It's called wrinkle releaser, it works okay and it leaves your clothes smelling downy fresh, bonus!
And part two of my confession? I don't care if we aren't all starched and wrinkle free when we leave our house. Semi wrinkle free is good enough for me! And if your clothes are also little wrinkly, I probably won't even notice. It's just not a detail I care about.
And about that ironing board? BigJ found a use for it the day I first introduced him to it. He used it as a launch pad of sorts. He pushed his cars off of it, having contests on which one could land the farthest away after being pushed off of it at great 8 year old speeds. I left it up for him for days. That was the most use it has yet to get, to this very day!

That actually reminds me of the fabulous use my kids found for my very disliked and abandoned thighmaster... but that's a tale for another time.

That's my confession, what yours?

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  1. I love it! This post, not ironing. I use the dryer as well. Gotta love it.


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