Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Find

Hello beautiful necklace, I wish you were mine!


This Friday Find is the knotted necklace by Silpada Designs.
Silpada designs offer a fabulous line of high quality Sterling silver jewelry  You can order online or host a Silpada home party and receive great bonuses for the sales made at your home party. I have attended 2 Silpada home parties in the past week and have lovingly gazed and admired this necklace each time. One day, when the time is right and all the stars line up (and the bank account is a little fuller!), it will be mine!!!!
Take a look at the entire Silpada line and hey maybe place an online order here . Once you see this stuff, I know you will find a favourite as well!

On a side note, although I have not yet made this necklace mine, I did order these earrings:

Silpada Hailstone earrings, pretty right?  

Now, go! Check out Silpada and let me know what your Friday find is from their catalogue! I hope to add a few more pieces of the Silpada jewelry along with my coveted Knotted necklace. Help me pick a few more items for my wish list!

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  1. Beautiful selection they have & I love the necklace you have chosen. I visited & fell in love with the Northern Lights ring. A couple of other items that caught my attention were the Stiletto necklace & earrings. It may have something to do with my love of stiletto heels? ;) Anyways...following you back from the hop. Great Blog!


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