Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Find

This weeks Friday find is a recipe. I didn't actually "find" it myself. It was given to me by a co-worker. But, if we want to get technical I did find it...she left me a printed copy of the recipe on my desk and I "found" it on my keyboard when I go into work the other day. So there you go, I did find it!
I wanted to share it with you because if you bake a lot like I do (but even if you only do it occasionally), the quality of your vanilla does make a difference. Real, pure vanilla is waaayyy better than the artificial stuff you can buy! And this so easy and will keep forever!


The best brand of vanilla extract-your own!

-To make vanilla extract, split a fresh vanilla bean or two (usually can be found in your local grocery store baking isle) lengthwise and scrape out the seeds.
-Place the seeds and the split pod in a sealable container
-Add 3/4 cup hot vodka (you can just warm it up on in the microwave if you want and any brand will do, it doesn't have to be the expensive stuff).
-Let the mixture cool to room temperature for one week, Shaking gently everyday.
-Strain the extract if desired and store in a cool dark place (a cupboard).

This extract should keep indefinitely.

*my co-worker started off using only one bean and by the end of the week had added 3 more as she likes strong vanilla. You can play around with this as well, and make it as strong as you like.*

I started my batch with 4 beans as I know I like strong vanilla!

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