Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 day you challenge~3 films

10 day you challenge~3 films

Thursday is here and it's time for another challenge for the 10 day you challenge! This week it's 3 films.
I am a little all over the map in my taste in movies but there are a few that I would say have stayed with me.
Here are my picks:

1) Pay it forward- I normally stay away from movies that might make me cry because  I really don't like to cry but I just happen to turn on the TV one day and it was just starting. I saw that one of the main characters was Helen Hunt and I really like her so I watched it. The ending caught me totally off guard and I cried...a full blown ugly cry which I rarely do. This movie really had an impact on me, with a title like that, of course right?
2)  Shrek-the first one. This movie just makes me laugh. My kids and I watched this together oh so many years ago and it brings back really good memories when I see it or think about it. Good memories of good times spent with my kids.And it really is just a funny movie!
3) Pretty woman-yup, it`s a classic and I have to have it on my list. I have seen this movie at least 15 times. I will probably watch it even more times through out my life. I am not a romantic person but I do like this movie. Come on with lines like "50 bucks Grandpa, for 75 your wife can watch", how can you not love it!

Sometimes a movie can be a favourite because of who you watched it with, because of the message or just because it made you laugh or cry. Do you have one that totally stands out for you?

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  1. I love sooo many movies! I agree you are right memories attached to movies make a huge difference. I like all three that you listed but I likely wouldn't pick them as my top three. I have no idea what my top three would be.... I do have some pretty fantastic memories attached to Pretty Woman....


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