Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 day you challenge

Happy Thursday (and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!) And as it is Thursday it's time for this weeks challenge form the 10 day you challenge.

2 songs...
I really had to think about this and my two picks are:

1) Imagine by John Lennon- Lennon was a unique man and this song really grabs me, EVERY TIME I hear it. it is very powerful for me.
2) Always on my mind by Elvis-  I am not gonna lie, I love Elvis. Not so common for someone my age. I was only a wee toddler when he died but I grew up with his music playing in our house often (thanks Mom! No really, thanks-I loved it!). And this song has been one of my favourites since I can remember! It's kind of sad though!

I have to add in an honourable mention, and this one is just for fun...

Yoko Ono by The Bare Naked Ladies. (Never realized it until right this second but 2 of my picks are John Lennon related. Weird). I sing this at the top of my lungs whenever it plays. It's just a fun song for me. There is also a line it that I just love and try to live by (live by words from The Bare Naked Ladies...but of course!). "If there is someone you can live without, then do so. If there is someone you can just shove out, then do so!". I love it! If you can, if it's possible- get rid of the rif raf in your life, the people that bring you down, then do it!

So I pass on the challenge... can you name your top 2 songs or even your top 3?

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