Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What would you do?

So here’s the situation,

You’re at the office and it’s a little later than you would usually stay. Most of the office has gone home all ready, there are a just a few of you left. You leave your desk to go and get a cup of coffee. When you come back to your desk there’s a sealed envelope on your chair. That’s weird you think to yourself, where did that come from? You look around and there is no-one in sight. You sit down and open the envelope slowly, kind of freaked out at this point. Inside the envelope is one crisp sheet of paper folded in half. You slide the sheet of paper out and unfold it. It has one line of type right in the middle of the paper. It reads… “Meet me in the stairwell”.

What would you do? Would you go?


  1. Did this happen to you???

    I would NOT go.... I am sure I would hightail it as quickly as possible home!! As we talked before I am not a risk taker and I am sure that nothing good could come of meeting someone in the stairwell....

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  3. Um... creepy? Now you have me wondering if this happened to you. I definitely wouldn't go unarmed....

  4. Maybe I'm the only one who would actually be curious enough to go?! Maybe I have my mind in the gutter, but I would certainly not think I was gonna be killed or anything, on the contrary ... lol.

  5. The writer side of me thinks either murder mystery or passionate lovemaking escapade between secret I allow the character to go. The realist part of me says I won't go because I don't want to encourage someone's attractions (I think that's what it could be) or get killed. And the nosy side of me hopes that you will reveal details later. ;)
    Following from the weekend blog walk.


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