Monday, November 5, 2012

10 day you challenge

I am jumping in to the linky party a little late but I think it will be fun so I am joining anyway!

The 10 day you challenge hosted by bloglovetherapy. We move onto a new challenge each Thursday.

If you want to join, go here:

Come on, it'll be fun!

This challenge is the five foods challenge so here it goes. After a lot of thought, okay not so much. This one is pretty easy for me! They are in no particular order though.

1) Potato and cheddar perogies

2) Beef donairs

3) Pasta ( all kinds!)

4) Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

5) Guacamole

 And there have it, a little glimpse of my favourite foods.

Join the linky party or just let me know what some of your faves might remind me of other things I love and haven't had in a while or get me to try something new!!!


  1. I totally agree with you on number 1 and 2 - we MUST take you to country cousins - you can have their homemade perogies in bacon gravy..... sooooo good!!!!!

  2. I wish I'd thought of guac when posting my five. I could sit down with a huge bowl of guac, some greasy chips, and nom away on them every night.


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