Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three people I would like to invite me to their house for dinner

I have thought a little about this and here are my picks, for now...
Ellen Degeneres-  I would love to hang out with Ellen anywhere but, dinner at her place would be awesome! I can not watch Ellen and not laugh. She just makes me happy. I would suggest we end dinner with a dance off. I am pretty sure I would win. Yeah, I am that good of a dancer, yo. Bring it.

Naheed Nenshi- The mayor of the fine city I live in. He seems nice. He has good views on stuff. I just think it would be cool eat a meal with the mayor, Just us, talking about things. And him listening to me and my brilliant ideas. And of course, I would listen to his.

Channing Tatum- Obviously just because he’s Channing Tatum. Of course I would request that he not be wearing a shirt when I arrive. Pants optional as well (for him, not me!). What? Yeah. I said it. Yum-O.
(of course this dinner would be a platonic meeting of the minds, we are both married, sheesh!). I might challenge him to dance off as well. My style is a little different than his but I can hold my own. Step up,Chan man.

Dear Ellen, Mayor Nenshi and Channing,

I will keep checking my inbox for the invite. Fridays nights work best for me. Talk to you soon.




  1. I'm torn who I'd pick, but Ellen,well she does make ya smile! Happy V Day!

  2. Ellen is a great choice, she's amazing!

  3. This is the best post you've written - I was laughing out loud for real - love it! Love your choices too!

  4. Ellen and Channing all the way. Might even be a good threesome. Ellen would surely help break any ice or discomfort in the room.

    #1 fan


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