Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things I learned last week


~It is beyond awesome to have a furnace expert in the family who can come and fix in 2 minutes (and for free) what we thought was a dead furnace that would cost a couple thousand dollars to replace. Also beyond amazing how wonderful said family expert is to us! XOXOXO Mr D!

~Sometimes in the face of frustration, you just have to laugh. Sometimes it’s just all you can do.

~Our baby bird, he’s flittering around the nest again, circling around it…maybe our nest isn’t as bad as he thought?


~What you don’t get done today will almost always be there waiting for you tomorrow.

~I really don’t like drinking water. It makes me have to go to the washroom a lot and I really dislike using public washrooms, even the one in my office. It always smells bad. We have pooping bandit(s) that strikes very often. It.smells like someone died up in our washroom. I know pooping is a natural thing but it doesn’t make it stink any less.Sometimes it's so bad it makes my eyes water. yeah, that bad.

~No there really is no such thing as a quick phone call to Mom for me. We usually end up on the phone for at least an hour. I enjoy those talks so much and am grateful she doesn’t mind hearing me put a load of laundry in, load the dishwasher, and even sometimes take a pee (yeah I do that, but with only few select people and I let them know I am doing it. I am up front about it. Give me a little credit. Haha). while we talk. I love that she totally understands that my life sometimes requires that I multitask a bit.

~Never underestimate how therapeutic a long hot shower can be


~Regardless of how it feels sometimes, we are not given more than we can handle.


  1. I could so say the same thing about phone calls to my mom! I love mom chats!! Keep me posted about baby bird!

  2. Jamie told me you blogged!! Yay!! Haven't been able to keep in touch since you aren't a FBooker!!! Will be following you now!!

  3. Yuppers, I dislike public washrooms, too. Especially the unclean (is there such a word?) ones.

  4. That was a sweet shout out to the furnace man. Much love right back at you!
    Your #1 Fan


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