Monday, February 4, 2013

Friday Find

Again, I suck. This Friday find being posted on Monday. I will get my crap together…eventually. Thanks for continuing to check in though. I appreciate it!

This Friday find is a book that I started reading this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started.

It’s the author’s journey to become happier. I am really enjoying it and am really getting some take away ideas from it. What I really like is that she is real and honest. And not overly unhappy, this is where it hit home for me. She is already a relatively happy person who just realized that she could be happier. This is me! I am also a pretty happy person (I think) but I also know I could be happier. I have trouble "living in the moment". Reading about her project and her struggle with this also has given me some good insight into things I want to try and about consciously working on this. Singing in the morning? I didn't think so. I really don't feel like singing in the morning, but I tried it. I woke up LittleA singing a silly little song to him. Guess what? He loved it (even though he's right on the cusp of becoming a teenager no less!) and it set a good tone for my own day as well!

I am finding it a really quick and easy read. I read it on my daily commute home (not the morning commute of course, that’s when I read my free morning paper).
If you are looking for a little "lift" and maybe even a little more happy of your own, it might be worth checking out.

*I was not compensated in anyway for my mention or review of this book. These opinions and statements are purely my own*.


  1. Who couldn't do with a little more happiness? I'll have to check this book out. hanks for stopping by and have a great (happy!) week.

  2. This book is on my "list" and one I actually read.... I really liked it and have toyed around the idea of starting my own happiness project group....... but so far I haven't actually done anything more than toy with the idea!!


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