Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random confession

It's that time again!

I feel the need today to share a random confession. A little tidbit of a secret I keep close to my heart but am splattering it on the internet. Okay, a few of my close friends know but it’s not something I tend to blurt out. Why share it now and with you? I have no idea. I guess I am just in giving mood today.
Your Welcome.
I throw out some rando's from time to time. I find them good for my soul I guess. You can read more of my rando's here, here or another one here. Or if your really want some dirt on me, check out my confession posted on the I'm a lazy Mom site (this site is one of my faves, the lazy Mom tips and recipes are awesome!). I apparently like bearing my soul on the web, a lot by the way.

On with the show….

The radio was playing at a low volume and I was quietly driving, enjoying a nice evening drive.

And it happened, again.

He came come on the radio. The second I hear the first few beats of the song, I crank the radio.I know it’s him right away and I can’t help myself.

You see not only do I secretly really like his music. I secretly find this man very intriguing. There is just something about him I find fascinating. I can’t explain it. I have no idea why.
And so I am singing along without even worrying if anyone is looking into my car and seeing me.

 So who is this man of intrigue you might ask?  Some may be surprised. Most won’t understand it I am sure.

His legal name is Marshall Mathers (actually Marshall Bruce Mathers III to be totally accurate, I googled it). Otherwise known as Eminem (or his alternate ego Slim Shady). Don't know him? Google him. But if your not a fan of being flipped the middle finger, don't google images of him.

 Weird right?

 Anyway, there you have it.  A random confession of the strange kind.

Are you secretly a fan of something or someone? Care to share? I get it if something’s are left unsaid. Some stories are best left untold. Maybe this was one of them. I have no idea. I don’t have much a filter these days. I hear that happens as you age.

Oh help us all when I no longer have any filter left all.


  1. I have always had an admiration for Emenem...I think he is one of the most talented rappers out there, and so brave with the content of his songs. I can see him being a man of mystery!!! Too funny that we had the same thoughts to blog about today!

  2. Ahhh no secrets here...No none...nada...ain't tellin'...get that tazer AWAY from meeeeee!!

  3. I am right there with you! When I hear Eminem on the radio I crank it. Always have and always will. I've been a huge fan since he made his break into the music world.

    Much Love!
    You #1 Fan


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