Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A penny for your thoughts

As of yesterday, February 4Th, the Canadian Mint stopped making the Canadian one cent coin. I am
indifferent on this. Perhaps I should care more? Maybe I am not the only one who really doesn’t have strong feeling s on this? I don’t know I actually haven’t even talked about it with anyone until now. I guess that’s how really indifferent I am.

I was wondering however, what do I do with all the pennies we have in various jars around the house? We have hundreds of them.  I know we can take them to the bank and get the value of all them all back in bills but what I was really wondering was, will they be worth anything years from  now? If I hold onto them, can I pass them onto to future generations? And eventually some rotten distant relative of mine will find them in an attic somewhere and run as fast as his or hers gold digging legs can carry them to the nearest coin shop or wherever it is you would go to, to sell these rare, precious coins. They would plunk then down on the desk and the proprietors eyes would light up and say “oh my, where on earth did you get these little treasures? They are worth thousands of dollars!” And that distant relative of mine would say “a crazy old relative stashed these away years and years ago. I don’t even remember her name,” And the shop keep would again say, “well you are lucky they did, you have a jackpot here!". And from beyond the grave I will have been a hero. Even though they would not know my name or give a hoot about me, I would be a hero.

So I did some research and nope. Most of them will be worth nothing. Of course there are some rare ones and stuff but it’s not like all of them will be worth money one day. Too bad. Sorry future generations of my family. You will not be getting rich off your crazy old ancestor who hoarded pennies. I am however going to try and find pennies to save from my Children’s birth years and me and my husbands too, just for fun.

So long pesky little penny. It’s been great rolling you in packs of 50 over and over and over through the years. My wallet will forever be lighter and I am okay with that.

Fellow Canadians, are you sad to see the penny go? And to our neighbors in the US, would you like to see your penny go?


  1. I'm sad - but of course I am - I'm sad about all change. I think I'm sad because I grew up having my Dad tell me take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. If we stepped over a penny he would stop us and say if you can walk over money like that you will never have anything...... I know getting rid of the penny doesn't change any of that - I guess it is just part of my childhood gone....

  2. Well, I attach sentiment to any silly thing, so, yes --- I'd be sad to see our penny go. I liked your pretend future relative scenario, though!


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