Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why oh Why?

How did get to be Thursday already? Have I really not posted anything all week?

This week I found myself asking:
  • Why am I the only person in my house that replaces the toilet paper roll when it’s finished? It takes like 3 seconds to change it.
  • Why does everyone else in the house just grab a new one, leave the empty one on the holder and just put the new one on the floor beside the toilet?
  • Why have I never realized how much I love fresh pineapple? It’s insanely refreshing!
  • Why can’t I only spend a few minutes on Pinterest?
  • Why must it be so addicting?
  • Why do my car windows sometimes have a layer on frost on them in the morning when nobody else’s on my street does?
  • Why can’t a painting fairy come and finish painting the walls in my house (a project I started almost a year ago)?
  • Why does my husband still insist that peeing on a streaker left in the toilet should be considered cleaning on his part?
  • Why do I say sorry when someone else bumps into me?
  • Why do I carry so much random crap in my purse?
                              What did you find you were asking yourself this week?


  1. oh the empty toilet paper roll!! don't even get me started...

  2. The toilet paper is a fave of most women, but guess what? hubby actually changes only took him 30 years to figure out how!!

  3. takes that long for them to get it?
    This is not good news!


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