Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What if?

I have never lived alone. I am sure this is true for a lot of people.  When I got my first apartment  at the age of 18, BigJ was a baby and of course he was with me.  And from then on, our family has grown and our house has filled up a bit. After a few years of  us dating, KingK moved in. A few years later LittleA arrived. There is and always has been lot's of things going on in our house and I do love it and wouldn't wish it away at all but it's human nature to wonder and I wonder, what if...  I lived alone?

What is it like to come home and have it be exactly the way it was when you left? To have all the same the food in the fridge still be there when you get home? To not step in the shower and be stabbed in the bottom of my foot by a clipped toe nail someone else left in the bathtub (who leaves toe nail clippings in the tub? KingK sure heard about this one, that's nasty man!). To watch whatever I want on TV, whenever I want. To eat a whole pan of brownies in one night and nobody there to rat me out or whine that they didn't get any (this may or may not have happened in our house).

What's it like to be the only one making messes in the house? Would I still get a little crabby when cleaning if the mess was totally all mine? Yeah, I get crabby sometimes when cleaning...especially skid marks in the toilet...life with a house of boys...insert gag like sound here.

Would I even really clean, the way I need to now? I always imagine that people who live alone must have really clean houses.  I mean how much mess can one person make? Would I even bother cooking meals or just eat popcorn or chips and dip for dinner? Would I walk around in nothing but a t shirt and underwear a lot?

I am not saying I am going to runaway and get a place of my own, not at all. I am where I am supposed to be and I love where I am. It's not a case of "the grass is always greener". I like the grass I have, it's plenty green for me. I just wonder, what it's like? As much as I like my life I have to ask, what's life like without nasty toenail clippings stabbing you and a toilet with no tar like skid marks plastered in it ? And hey, if they are your own skids or toe nails well than all the power to you, that's your own business right?

Do you live alone? What's your favorite part of having the place to yourself? Have you never lived alone but wished you had, even for a  just a little while? And the big question...how much mess can one person actually make????  I am guessing, I might be surprised at how much mess one person can actually make?


  1. I can imagine it must be fairly heavenly to live alone, if a bit lonely. I Too have wondered this, and I think it would stay exactly how i liked it. But I crave human companionship way too much to go try it out!! lol

  2. I have NEVER, EVER lived alone! And sometimes I not only wonder, but wish...but only, sometimes! LOL

  3. I've also never lived alone - One time I told this to a lady in her fifties who had spent most of her life living alone and her response was you're sooooooo lucky..... this made me think different about it, but still sometimes I do wonder and I have to say I relish the time at home alone.


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