Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The good ol days

I have been remembering my childhood a lot lately.  And thinking about the things I loved back when I was a kid. And I have to say, I really loved my lunch box. I was so proud of it. I can still even remember the smell of it. I remember the clunking sound the thermos made as I ran to the bus stop (always running late, that's me- even back then) I remember how happy I was to finally have a thermos in my lunch like everyone else.  I loved that my thermos had a special spot in the top of the lunch box and that it snapped securely in place and didn't squish my peanut butter and honey sandwich (which is what my Mom gave my Brother and I for a sandwich, everyday. Yes, everyday until she stopped making lunches for us I am pretty sure). I just loved everything about it (my lunch box, not the sandwich!). Looking back at it, it was actually really cumbersome. It didn't even fit in my school bag so I always had to carry it separately. But everyone had the same type lunch box, just different characters on the front.  I can't remember what my brother had, I wonder if he even remembers. Perhaps he has forgotten. Maybe he didn't love his lunch box as much I as loved mine. I know, why wouldn't he right? What is more exciting than a fabulous lunch box???

I was even able to find a picture of it, thanks to the wonderful Internet!

Totally awesome right?

Cabbage Patch Kids! Yay! I was all about the Cabbage patch kids!

I had 2 of the dolls as well...

 This was my first one. She was a gift  from my Uncle.  I almost peed my pants when I opened her up on Christmas morning , I was so excited! She came to me named Freida Cynthia. Upon my official adoption of her, I changed her name to Jody Cindy.

And a year later along came my preemie baby. A gift from my parents. I can't remember what her first name was originally but I kept her middle name and changed her first name. Her name became Nikki Jobina once adopted by me.

Oh I how I loved my Cabbage Patch Kids. I had all the Cabbage Patch gear as well. I had a stroller for them, a playpen, my Grampa made me a cradle for them ( I sooo wish I still had that item!!!)  I had feeding chairs, diapers and outfits (some that my Gramma made, how I wish I had these still as well) and bedding galore. I loved them so much. I still have the dolls. I have few things kept from my childhood and these are among those items. The Uncle that gave my my first one passed away tragically and too young just a few short years after he gave me my beloved Jody so she became even more treasured (and still is).

So a little trip down memory lane. Thanks for sticking with me on my sentimental journey.
Do you have a toy or memory that sticks out from your childhood? I hope you all have lot's of them!


  1. I have not thought of those types of lunch boxes in years!!! I can't remember the picture on mine, but I know I had one....I also had a cabbage patch doll, but also don't recall it like you remember yours.... I do remember getting my Peaches and Cream Barbie though.... that was a GREAT Christmas!!!

  2. I had one too, can't remember what was on it, but I just had a rush of memories!! Thanks!!

  3. I loved, loved my one and ONLY Barbie doll that I got for my 8th birthday. Kept her until I had girls of my own, but now I kinda wish I still had her. However, Youngest Daughter bought me a replacement a few years ago of the replica Barbie from 1960's. I keep her in her box and won't even let my granddaughter, Kit Kat, have her!


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