Monday, March 18, 2013

A little of this and a little of that...

It's Monday...and my minds a little muddled. I can't say for sure if I am actually fully functioning...yet.
 I am a little grumpy today, honestly. I have no reason to be, really. I just am a little growly. It will pass, probably after I get some food in me. I always feel better when my belly is full.
So...until then, I might rant a wee bit.
I am working on geting the extra white box around my pics out's driving me nuts. Bear with me!
My good friend T got some tickets for Friday's hockey game and invited me to be her hot date for the evening. I love going to hockey games with T, we have so much fun! The tickets were 2nd row from the ice, so they were good seats. This is an NHL game as well (Go Flames Go!) that probably isn't relevant but anyways...
T and I go to the games to actually watch them. We actually know about the sport, know our players and really get into it. Here's where my rant comes in...
 We are there to actually watch the game.To all those people taking up seats in the arena that aren't really there to watch the game, it annoys T and I that you wouldn't believe. We were lucky to have such good seats. And so were the people around us. And yet, the people behind us, the people in front of us...talked and texted through the whole game. My guess is they maybe saw 1/4 of the game, and that might be pushing it. What a waste of good seats. Almost all of the games in this arena are sold out ( Canadians love hockey!) so tickets can sometimes be hard to get. And here we have jerks like that who clearly have no interest in the game taking up seats. And yeah, maybe they paid for the tickets but there are so many fans out there that would appreciate the seats so much more.
Anyways, that's the end of my rant. Okay, almost. To those women who show up at sports events like that in spiked heels, loads of make up and boobs hanging out...could you maybe just hang out at the sports bars and what not instead? The guys you are trying to snag will most likely end up at the bars after the game anyways. Sporting events should be for sports fans. Spiked heels and  tight pants belong at bars, no?
Okay, really done the rant now.
Sorry about that.
And a huge thanks to T for bringing me as her date for the game again, as always, it was a blast!
Here's hoping the rest of my day is full sunshine and bubbles!!!


  1. I agree with your rant - 100%.

  2. And yet another reason I think cell phones are way overused!! Also, totally agree with you about boobs and spiked heels!


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