Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I was tagged by Natalie to do a list of five. Okay, okay-she didn’t tag me directly, she doesn’t even know who I am but she threw out an invite on her blog to all to do a list of five. I haven’t done this on my blog so I thought I would give it a try!


1~when I was a youngin, I wanted to be a cashier at a store when I grew up. But I was particular in what kind of cashier. It had to be in a store where they had scanners you ran the items over. It was a relatively new thing back then and few stores had them. I was absolutely fascinated by it. I always thought  of how fast I would be at it and how my customers would think I was amazing (hey, some people may have been amazed you never know). I never did get to work in a place where they scanned in the items but I did get to try my hand at working a cash register over the years so I my dream was half fulfilled, kind of.

2~I have an obsession with making sure all the faucets in my house are super shiny. Yup, all the sink and tub faucets in my house. I don’t know how or when the obsession started but I love seeing them all nice and shiny. I most certainly spend more time on this than I should but when I walk in and see it all sparkly and nice, it makes me happy. We all have little things that make us smile right?

3~ from the time I was born I “sucked my tongue” (as my Mom always called it) when falling asleep and while sleeping. Now that I type it out, it sounds really weird. Basically, I put my tongue behind my upper front teeth (or gums when I was a baby and didn’t have teeth) and just sucked. It’s hard to explain, easier to show in person. It was a tell-tale sign for my family that I was tired or sleeping when I did it. Sort of like thumb sucking for some kids.  I did this way into my teen years when really tired. I think I might still do it when in a really, really deep sleep. I am sure KingK would tell me if I did as I am sure hearing the light sucking noise is strange and annoying coming from an adult’s mouth!

4~When I can’t sleep (which isn’t often, I have this weird ability to just turn things off and fall asleep really quickly) I think of a movie I have seen or a book I have read and I rewrite in my head. I re-tell the story the way I wanted it to go. I keep all the same characters and basic plot but I just “edit” it so it’s the way I like it.I find it a really good way to take my mind off whatever it is that is keeping me awake. It’s funny the type of mechanisms we have to “get through” stuff!

5~I have never seen a James Bond movie and never intend to. It does not interest me at all. Same for Indiana Jones or Star Wars. Yawn. KingK gets annoyed with this. If he is watching any of these or anything like them I am outta there. Boring.

And now tag your it!  I throw the invite to you to share your list of 5 things we may or may not know (or want to know,ha) about you!

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