Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday find

And it's Friday...and voila, a Friday find.

I am sharing another household tip with you this week. I have to admit when I came across this one, I immediately thought, this totally makes sense. How could I not have figured this out on my own? It's so simple and straight forward.

I have posted about my dislike for ironing (read it here, if you want). So coming across this tip was very welcome. The part I really dislike about ironing is trying to get in between the buttons on shirts. It's so finicky. So, when doing this...use a hair flat iron.

So simple. Maybe I am the last to discover this? Since my ironing knowledge is next to none, it very well could be that y'all have been doing this for years. But on the off chance that I am not the only one who never thought of this, I thought I would share it. Work smarter not harder right?

One day...I might iron a shirt and try it out...maybe one day.


  1. Work smarter not harder - you sound like your brother!! I never thought of this before and it really is a great idea!!!

  2. interesting idea!! I LIKE is one of my favorite chores...I get to sit and that is when I watch the infomercials and buy all kinds of stuff I don't need or even want but looks good when I am ironing.

  3. I'll pass this bit of info on to


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