Monday, March 4, 2013

A snowstorm and some talk about crap

Yesterday LittleA staggered out of bed and made his way to the upstairs front hall window as he often does. He is super nosey and much like his Dad, like to keep tabs on what is going on in the neighborhood. He stands watch at this window often.
The first words out of his mouth for the day are Oh crap!

This pic is similar to what he saw when he peaked out of the window...
I didn't have the time to take a picture of the plow he saw so this will have to do. This is pretty much how much snow we ended up getting. Oh crap indeed.

The city snow plow trying to clear the road in front of our house. We had a rather large dump of snow over night and it didn't stop snowing all day.But that's not my story. We live in western Canada, this isn't a rare event really.

His comment "oh crap" did however start up the debate KingK and I have been in for years, since BigJ was a preteen and it continues through LittleA's preteen years.
KingK thinks crap is a swear word. I do not.
I do have to clarify. I did not allow my kids to say it when they were younger. Not until they got older did I allow it. I don't think it's a swear but I don't think it would sound very nice to hear a young child say it either.
Anywho, this debate actually makes me laugh. Usually we are on the other sides on something like this. KingK is more relaxed and I am more uptight about stuff.

So our debate continues with no resolution in sight. And LittleA will most likely say that word again. Mom doesn't consider it a swear and clearly he knows who the boss is in our house. Wink wink.

What do you think? Is crap a swear? Do you/would you let your older children use it? Would/did your parents let you use it? I won't be offended if you agree with KingK...ocasionally he is right, but don't tell him that!


  1. I'm on your side (sorry, KingK!). I said "crap" as a kid, and would test the limits with worse from time to time. But I also made sure never to let it slip in front of teachers!

  2. I don't think crap is a swear word..but it's not a nice word either...and yet, if that's the worst of the worries..
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. I'm pretty much with KingK - I suppose - I really dislike hearing any kid say it - that being said - I think I'm being up tight about it and have allowed the girls to say it forever - I have to say I notice every time they do and it makes me gringe a bit...

  4. I do not think that Crap is a swear. I would encourage my kids to choose another word, but I know they are going to choose language I would rather them not use, and if crap is it....I am happy.


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