Thursday, March 21, 2013

Consciously female

Do you listen to your body? Do you take the time to actually think about what's it's telling you? I mean before it starts screaming at you and you can no longer ignore it?

I came across a book at a unplanned stop to the bookstore. I wasn't looking for this book or even one remotely like it. I wasn't even really there to look for any book. I just happened to be passing through the bookstore to get into the mall (no time for books, must hit Old Navy for cheap jeans!). But there it was on the shelf, just sitting there, calling to me. And I was drawn to it. I can't explain why.  I grabbed it and knew right away when I read the back of it, that I was led to this book and that I needed to read it.

The book is called Consciously female by Tracy Gaudet. It really opened my eyes to listening to my body and to my own mind. Sounds silly to me that I say that. But I think it's really important for women to admit that we sometimes ignore really big signs, and small ones too.

I am ovulating. As we speak in fact.  How's that for TMI? How do I know? Did I take an ovulation test? Nope. I listened to my body. I had this "achy" feeling in my "inside girl bits", not during my period but a little after after. It had been happening for over a year, only for a short time and then it would go away only to come back again the next month for a few days. I just happened to mention it to my doctor at my yearly check up visit.  He suggested that I was ovulating. Huh? Weird right? He did say, most women can't tell physically when they are ovulating and some women might but won't relate the two together. But I did notice and after some calculations we determined, that yes. That was it! I can feel it when I am ovulating. It's not an earth shattering diagnosis and this knowledge could have come in handy years ago but since KingK got the ol snip snip a few years back, it's pretty irrelevant information for us now but none the less. I noticed. I was conscious of something going on in my body.

I can't say I always pay attention to my body but I am really working on it. And the term is stuck in my brain. Consciously female. I need to be more conscious. We all do. Know your body. Know your cycle. It's crazy how connected our cycles are to other stuff in our bodies, not just menstruating and PMS. And most importantly pay attention when something is not normal in any aspect of your health.

 And it's not just women, men need to pay attention as well! We all need to pay attention. Small things can lead to bigger issues. Our bodies are amazing things and they do tell us when they are not right. We just need to pay attention! We are all guilty of brushing stuff off, especially when it comes to our bodies and our health.

And check out the book as well if you ever get the chance. It's got some really good information for us ladies.

Cheers, to you and to your health!

* was not compensated in any way for my mention of this book or the author. It is purely my own opinion*


  1. When I had high Blood Pressure, in both pregnancies, I learned to read signs in my body. It is the coolest thing, I can tell when I am ovulating now, and all sorts of cool things. Neat stuff!!

  2. When I use to ovulate I could tell and when peri-menopause began I could also, feel the changes. I swear I could feel the estrogen dropping! LOL But even though I have been aware of signs and hints of what is going on with me; I've been horribly guilty for ignoring them, to my own peril, I might add. Be wise, don't ignore things when you're able to tell, do something about it!


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