Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY help required, please!

I have a wood banister in my house along with a wood mantle and some wood trim along my cupboards and stairs. It's not a color I like. I want it darker.
Do I know what kind of wood it is? Not really. I think it's oak. I googled it, it looks very much like the pictures of oak that came up (yes, this is how clueless I am on this subject).
I am hoping some great DIYer out there in blogland (and Twitter) can help me! Can I stain it darker no matter what kind of wood it is? Can I just sand it and then stain it until it looks like as dark as I want it to? Do I need to seal it after I stain it?
Advise please or I will just start sanding it and staining like a mad woman and might regret it.
And what kind of stain should I use?
I am not a handy girl, as much as I want to be...I truly could ruin all the wood in my house if someone doesn't step in here...
Anyone, anyone?

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  1. Hello!

    I previously worked in cabinetry. Your banister is most likely oak (based on what city you live in.) You can certainly stain oak easily to a nice dark colour. The dark grain in oak will stain darker than the rest of the wood. The process would be:
    1. Sand, sand, sand and sand some more. If there is any finish left on your banister the stain will not take evenly.
    2. Choose a "wipeoff stain" from your local hardware store....something like Dark Walnut (if you want dark.) You wipe this on with a rag soaked in the stain, let it stand for a minute or two and then wipe off with a clean rag. You will need a lot of clean rags for a whole banister.
    3. Apply a finish. Most likely you will use a brush on varnish. Ask your hardware store for something durable. You will probably have to do two coats.

    Best of luck!


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