Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A movie all about me????

Who would you choose to play you in a movie? I had to think for a while on this, because the question was presented to me. Not because I sit around thinking that a movie should be made about me or my life! So I have decided that it should definitely be Lindsay Lohan, purely because her personal life so closely mirrors my own. When I hear about her latest troubles or trips to jail and or rehab, I can’t help but identify with her. It’s like we are the same person. Okay, I’m totally joking. It would not be Lindsay Lohan. Not in a million years.
But really, my thoughts keep coming back to one person. Ellen Page. She played Juno MacGuff in the movie Juno. Naturally, what made me first think of her was actually the character she played in the movie. Juno MacGuff finds herself 16 and pregnant. Although my situation was a little different than that in the movie (among other differences, I was 17 and pregnant and kept my baby, she was 16 and gave it up for adoption). Putting that aside even her character had (in my opinion) a pretty dry humor that I really liked. I have been told that I have a very similar type of humor. I have to think that Ellen Page has some sort of that kind of humor as well; she did so well with it in the movie.
I have seen interviews she has given and I was impressed with them. She seems very down to earth and sweet. When she’s playing me in the movie, she will have to tone down the sweet for sure, that’s not me at all! She’s a good actress though; she’ll be able to pull it off. I do realize she’s more than 10 years younger than me but hey she played a pregnant teen really well; maybe my movie will begin my life story when I was a teenager. I have a favorite line from the movie that Ellen Page delivers very dryly and straight faced (have I mentioned that I love dry, sarcastic humor?). I smile just thinking about it. The future adoptive mother says to Juno, “Your parents are probably wondering where you are”. Juno responds “Nah... I mean, I'm already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?” I can absolutely hear myself saying it when I was young and prego!
Not just because she played a knocked up teen but because I really like her style of acting and the way she presents herself in the media and what not. I would definitely choose Ellen Page to play me. Oh and added bonus, she’s a Canadian girl, which of course, I am as well.
Don’t be waiting for the release of my movie anytime soon though…it will more likely be a book I write myself- all about me and my life. Ha ha, yeah right…what a boring book that would be!


  1. Thank you for visiting Secrets of a Momaholic today!

  2. Boring, I highly doubt that for one minute. I can sit back and remember a hand full of occasions that only you have been through in your life and that people would be busting a gut waiting for more. Take 1 hour - sit quietly by yourself and start writing them down. I am laughing already. The first one you should add to your list is baby seal. Another might be mens cologne and lets not forget gynecalogical wipes. Hows that for a memory jog. Enjoy that assignment.
    Signed, your #1 fan!

  3. Oh snap, my #1 fan has some dirt on me, she might be willing to expose!!! Perhaps there might be some future posts recalling these lovely incidents she mentions...maybe I am a tad bit nutty. And she's right along there in the nutty camp with me!
    Stay tuned for possible recaps of adventures of my anonymous follower (and #1 fan) and me, you will shake your head in wonder!


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