Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random confession

Every once and I while I will throw out random confession post. I consider it a cleansing of sorts. Albeit maybe sometimes an embarrassing one, a serious one, a down right ridiculous one but I will guarantee you right now, the confession will always be 100%  true...

So here is my first confession...get ready for it...brace yourself...

Sometimes I give my kids cereal for dinner when my husband isn't home. It isn't very often, I promise! Sometimes it's because I have forgotten to take something out for dinner, sometimes it's might be because it's just too hot to cook (summer months) and sometimes (I hate to admit this) it's because I just get a little lazy. Phew, there now it's out in the open. I feel a little bit lighter now! Now I am just hoping my husband doesn't catch wind of my dirty little secret...

P.S-The kids love it!!!

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  1. Great confession!! My mom used to do the same thing when we were kids and I am just fine, thank you very much! I sometimes make breakfast for dinner (eggs are kind of dinner-like). Have fun blogging!


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