Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book review

                                   The Glass castle by Jeanette Walls

This book had me interested right from the first few pages of the first chapter. This book is the authors memoir and she takes you though the childhood of herself and her siblings and recounts their poverty stricken and very unconventional up bringing. At the end of the book I had to ask myself what if that were me, would I have done what she did?
I like a quick, easy read that still gets you thinking and keeps you interested. This book definatly fit the bill for all of that for me.
I have another book in my bookshelf waiting to be read by this author. It is titled Half Broke Horses. It is the true life story of Walls grandmother. I hope to read it in the next few months. Anyone read it and care to share a review? Or have you read the Glass Castle and have anything to share about it?

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