Friday, September 2, 2011

Okay for real...the blogging will actually begin...

Summer is over, school is in and it's time for things to slow down around our house!!!
I love summer and am grateful for all the great opportunity's we are blessed to be able to experience in these beautiful months but I have to say that it will be just a tad little bit happy to have things slow down a bit over the next few months...just a bit of breathing room before Christmas and all that it brings!!!

I am taking baby steps to some changes in my life (for the better of course!) and keeping this blog up is a promise I have made to myself. At least once a week!

In May, BigJ graduated from high school. This was a huge deal in our family. He is the oldest Grandchild on all sides ( my side, hubby's side and both sides of BigJ's Dad's family) and so of course he was the first to graduate grade 12. I struggle greatly with the fact (as most parents do I am sure) with the fact that my baby boy is even closer now to leaving the nest. He turns 18 in under 2 weeks and my heart hurts. I don't know how to handle it...would love to hear from other parents who have advice on letting the baby go and embracing the responsible adults they are becoming...

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