Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Now before your mind hits the gutter (or is there already?) let me explain. I suffer from eczema. It's at this very moment the worst it has ever been. It mysteriously appeared as a tiny little circle of bumps the size of a quarter on the bottom of my foot about 4 years ago. It was only on one foot and then within in days it showed up on the palm of one of my hands. After a trip to the doctor he took a quick look at it and prescribed a cream for it. I used it a few times and the patch on my hand went away totally and never returned. My foot however is a different story. It came and went over the next few years, never really getting bigger than a the diameter of a couple of quarters. That was until this winter that is. It got inflamed and angry this winter. And it spread with a vengeance. It covers more than half of the sole of my foot and is now coming up the sides to the top of my foot. And it spread to the other foot as well. And that foot is on it's way to matching the other.
I refuse to take a picture of the nastiness that is going on with my feet but I did google it for images and I feel like a little brat complaining about mine now that I have seen pics of how others are suffering with eczema. Those poor people, whoever they are. Seriously. I should just shut up right now. But yet, this post goes on...
The itch, oh the itch of it. This is one heck of an itch. I am not talking a little itch. It's like I want to stab my foot with something sharp (I have had pictures in my mind of doing just that with scissors and even one of my Mom's knitting needles, no joke) and then scratch the crap out of my foot from the inside. It's like this really deep in the tissue type itch. I get temporary relief from lavender essential oil (seriously that stuff is amazing!) but it's getting out of hand now.

But when I scratch it...oh's euphoric. For real. You have no idea. Now I am not talking the big "O" type stuff is happening (this is where you are to get your mind out of the gutter!) but it definitely is more than scratching an itch and just having it go away. There is an actual feeling of "AHHHHH" when I allow my self to scratch my feet. It does feel amazing. This post is actually sounding very weird at this point. but, I will carry on. It's how I roll.
Please note, I am not sitting here scratching my feet and hollering out like a orgasmic lunatic. Just for the record.

It led me to look up why that is. I read a few articles that suggested that scratching may release endorphins in some people. I never knew that. I also read that there are people with skin conditions similar to mine that actually have found that heat helps with the itching. Some scorch their skin with scalding hot water for relieve, or use their hair dryers on the spots or even burn themselves on hot radiators for relief. This scares me! Not to mention that heat actually makes the eczema way worse so for that temporary relieve they actually do more damage! What a terrible situation to be in. And mine is an area that is not visible very often. I can avoid having it visible ever, If I want to. But some people have it all over their bodies and even on their faces.

I see things a little differently right now. My feet are insanely itchy and nasty looking right now but I have seen how lucky I am. And that was not the intent of my post. I actually starting this post totally with the intent on complaining and telling you about how awesome scratching my feet can be these days.

I am an ass.
You can say it. I just did.

And to further my assness (not a word I am pretty sure)  I did find a pic of someone with a similar case of eczema to mine. These are not my feet but mine look similar.

I won't show you my own feet, but I will show you some strangers feet. Nice eh?

But guess what! I am fine. I am totally fine. This is minor. I am totally fine.
Nothing like a good dose of reality to open your eyes up. That and some pretty nasty images on Google.
And now, I am going to put some lavender oil on my feet and shut up.


  1. Another prime example how blogging can actually improve your life - I'm a firm believer of it - in fact I posted something along those lines years and years ago - maybe I should readdress it!! I do hope your itching goes away soon though!!

  2. You are living with YOUR feet and the itch so, even though others may have it worse, yours is bad for you. So, you're not a complete ass! LOL


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