Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lazy Mom Confession

I have mentioned before that as Mom's, Wives, partners or just people in general we aren't always perfect and it's okay. Well, I stumbled onto a blog that I love that totally validates that we are not alone in our struggles and that we all fall down some times! It's called I'm a lazy Mom. You should check it out! It's fabulous! There are tons of great time saving tips and lazy recipes! The lazy cake cookies have become a huge favourite in our house and it is soooo easy to make! I like cooking from scratch but hey, it's okay not to sometimes!!!!
You don't have to be a Mom to benifit from some of the tips and recipes on the site...people who like to save time and make life easier will like this site too!
Anywho, go on over and check out and the site and while you are there, check out my lazy mom Confession  posted there a few days ago. I totally confessed something my husband never thought I would tell anyone!

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