Sunday, January 13, 2013

Interview with littleA

LittleA loves the spotlight and has been asking me if I talk about him on my blog. It gave me the idea to interview him and post it here.
I asked him these questions without letting him know before hand what I would be asking and he answered each one within a few seconds.
The mind of my 12 year old...

Question 1- How old do you think a person should be before they get married?

LittleA- 24

Question 2- If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

LittleA- Josh. No, no, no, Cameron. I really like the name Cameron.

Question 3- What is your favorite thing about your big Bother?

LittleA- Even though he is way older, he still likes to play video games with me and spend time with me.

Question 4- If you could only take 1 thing from our house with you on a month long trip, what would it be?

LittleA- Am I going to another country?

Me-Doesn't matter

LittleA- My passport or a picture of my family.

Question 5- What is your favorite smell in the whole world?

LittleA- I like the smell right before it rains.

Question 6-  Tell me one piece of advice you would give someone younger than you?

LittleA- Never give up your dreams. Even if people tell you that you can't do it. I am not saying be disobedient  Just don't give up.

LittleA- Is that it?

Me- Is there anything else you want to say to the people that read my blog?

LittleA- Yeah. I love my Mom. Or I guess she's called jaksgirl123. Oh and follow jaksgirl123 on Twitter.


And those were his exact words folks. Without any prompting from me and very little hesitation. He is a very smart young man, And so supportive of my blogging and all. I am blessed!

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  1. I love it! What a great idea!! I love the - I'm not saying be disobedient part and the am I going to another country!!


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