Thursday, May 10, 2012

The great debate

So yet again, I have stumbled upon a random fact online that interests me. This one intrigues me because it was a (sometimes heated) debate I had spanning over several years with an dear friend many years ago. I still think of her and our numerous debates about it sometimes when I put my toilet paper on the holder. She was so adamant that I did it the wrong way and was very vocal about it. She would even switch it to the way she preferred at other peoples homes, including mine! It drove me nuts.  I found out today that I do it the same way 75% of people that were studied do it. your face. You are the odd ball, dear friend for doing it the way you do!!! Redemption ofter all these years, hooray!
Apparently there have been studies done in the US to determine whether people put the flap in the front or the flap in the back when they put toilet paper roll on the holder. The final result? Three out of four people have the flap in the front. Of course they do!!!! That just makes sense to me!!!

          Which way do you do it? Do you even know? Do you just throw it on there and it is how it is? Do you even care?



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  2. I'm an A girl all the way. I think it looks neater lying parallel against the wall. But whatever I don't judge the weirdo's that do it the other way.
    PS. is that you that has been flipping mine around when you come to my house. I got my eyes on you!
    Signed your #1 fan!

    1. 3 out of 4 people have the flap on the front woman! Your the odd man out on this...
      And I haven't been flipping yours but you can bet your little tushy I will be now!


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